Wednesday, October 01, 2008

New Vogue Patterns are Up

First, I have been making slow progress on my Jacket V2922
Collar and belt carriers
Below: inside of jacket.

Secondly, I'd like to thank everyone who took the time to respond to my query about classes.
I've submitted a proposal list, and next week will have a discussion with the class coordinator to see what she actually will put in the newsletter and on the schedule.
The demographics are likely very similar to the store where I taught last. EFF is no longer there, and this store is only 10 miles distant from the old EFF location. Who will take these classes? Over 50, empty nesters who've left garment sewing and want to get back into it. And a Very FEW younger women, no children yet, who are catching the crafting craze or have fit issues themselves and want to learn. At EFF, One of my favorite students was a woman in her late 20's who was 6'1" and very fit. She wanted to make clothes that would fit her tall frame.
Another was a private student I had who was a beautifully put-together professional woman who wears a 4x. She wanted to reproduce the Escandar looks she'd been buying at Neimans and Saks.
Based on previous experience then, and the class coordinators statement "we don't have as much call for garment sewing classes anymore" I can safely say that technique classes won't fly. As many times as we tried to offer them at EFF, no one wants to sit down and make a swatch book and learn fine sewing techniques around here. At least not enough to take a class to do it.
Everyone wants to walk out with a project they can wear. The exception to this is fitting. There is a tremendous cry for fitting. I used to add a week to my class and try to accomplish fitting within the context of the project. I'm now going to try it the way I listed, and see if it's more effective. And make the fitting class a prereq to a garment class if fitting is a major concern.
to answer the other questions:
  • all the fabric and materials should be purchased on site from the store hosting the classes
  • I will have samples made up for every class on display prior to class registration time - it's a requirement
  • I'm not going to teach sewing with ultrasuede - I've never used it! And, they have people to teach craft projects, I'm being added on to teach garment sewing.

New Vogue patterns are up!
See the whole offering
It seems it's a fairly subdued offering,
or maybe it's the mood I'm in. I'll probably be
picking this up to make up late this fall, towards December.

This dress reminds me a lot of the
Roland Mouret dresses,
and it's a silhouette I like a lot.
Notice the darts sewn on the right side (public side) of the garment.
Note to self: get back to the gym!

Another body conscious look -
this is a Betzina design.


Nanci said...

I know I am in grave danger of outing myself as someone who's never sewed in her life, but can you explain the difference between belt carriers and belt loops?

tommy said...

Ohh, your progress is very impressive. I can't wait to see your end product. I enjoy watching each of your projects as they take shape from the sewing machine to life!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Vogue did have some nice patterns...but the only one that called my name V1074 - the DKNY volumious jacket...since I haven't gotten a free pattern from Vogue that one is on it's way to me!

Liana said...

I think the fitting classes sound perfect for almost everyone. I'd love to take your bodice class, to say nothing of anything else you'd offer.

I can't believe you're not eyeing the swing coat they have, #1083. Maybe you have something very similar in your great coat pattern collection.

Love the progress on your jacket. I'm cutting out my coat next, so I'll be trying to catch up at least a little bit.

Can't get Blogger to take a comment, so I'm trying semi-anonymously. Liana

Birgitte said...

The construction is flawless, just awesome.

Glad you're sorting out the classes and based on the age group fit would certainly be at the top of the list.

a little sewing on the side said...

I like that Sandra Betzina skirt, too. It wasn't the most exciting collection, though.
Jacket is looking great!

designdreamer said...

I'm very excited to see the finished Scaasi Dress. did I miss it?