Friday, October 03, 2008

Starting the Mother of the Groom ensemble

ok, In addition to trying to finish up this jacket and make the pants that go with it - since I really want to have it to take with me when I go north Oct 18, I'm starting my muslin today for my mother of the groom dress. Why did I leave it so late? Because I planned to lose weight.
Planned is the operative word here. In reality, I'm only down 10 lbs. Not enough, but it's too late now to lament the fact.
I just talked with Cidell, and in the conversation finally counted days til I leave - 15.
Sewing I need to have done before I go:
  1. Ashlee's velvet jacket for over the wedding gown - muslin made, jacket construction will be easy
  2. My dress
  3. My coat/wrap/something
  4. hopefully this burgundy wool Guy Laroche jacket I've been working on
  5. a pair of pants to go with the burgundy jacket.
Did I mention that of those 15 days before I leave, I have to work 6 of them. Looks like I need to burn some midnight oil.
I will be blogging progress. It's the accountability, you know?

The dress decision is made, the fabric acquired, and approval from the bride and MOB obtained.

Evadress Pattern 4057

I'll post pics of my fabrics this weekend. Right now they're tightly wound on tubes.

I'm also planning on making a wrap/coat of some type from some silk velvet I had on hand, that happens to exactly match the silks for my dress.
I just picked up the Folkwear patterns for the cocoon coats, but still also have these two patterns in mind. I need to make a decision before the weekend is over.

Option 1

EvaDress pattern 1965

Option 2.

Decades of Style Parisienne coat

Option 3.
The Poiret Cocoon that's just been re-issued
And, just looking at it now, I'm realizing that the narrow hem of this cocoon coat and the A-line flared hem of the dress are totally incompatible.

Option 4.
The sunrise Cocoon from Folkware -
View B is waist length, so this might still be an option.


Lisette M said...

Well the dress is fabulous and I love the 1965 coat pattern. Well reading your post makes me feel good about only having to work on the coat and one of my son's Halloween costume.

Elizabeth said...

I like the almost cape-like drape of the coat in option 1.

You will be lovely no matter what!

Lindsay T said...

Well let's hear it for 10 lbs! I'm impressed.

gaylen said...

Not that I know what I'm talking about at all, but I like Coat Option #1. And go you! 10 pounds is 10 pounds - that's 40 sticks of butter no longer hanging around on you. g

ACorgiHouse said...

I'm biased, I've had my eye on that Decades of Style Parisienne coat for maybe two years. Maybe more. Looking forward to seeing which you choose! K

Sigrid said...

Great dress, looking forward to what you're making. And 10 lbs is not enough? It's great, look at the bright side. I absolutely like the style of option 1. Together with a lovely brooch, wonderful.

Rose said...

I can hardly wait to see that gorgeous dress (bet you feel the same way!) I vote for Option 1 (really like that coat!). Congrats on losing 10 pounds - that's 10 less than when you started.

Carrie K said...

Did you decide? Option 1 does go really well with the style of your dress but Option 2 looks lovely. No buttons on it?

melissa said...

ooh those are all lovely! I could look at vintage pattern drawings all day...

And funny, I was just talking to my mom this weekend about what she wants to wear to my wedding and she also said "I'm going to get my dress at the last minute because I'm going to lose weight". At least that means James's mum has free reign to buy whatever dress she likes in the meantime!

Elle said...

I love that Decades of Style Parisienne Coat, but my favorite is still Waechter's version of Kayla Kennington's Paris Evening Coat. It is at, just in case you haven't seen it. Someday I'll make one exactly like it. So much for personal creativity!

DeeAnn said...

Congratulations Marjorie!! I didn't realize the wedding was your son's until your mom mentioned it today, I've been too out of touch for awhile.

I hope the day is wonderful, and woman, you ALWAYS look completely fabulous in everything you've put together and posted so I can't wait to see this one :)

Summerset said...

Wow, some really lovely choices! I like coat option #1. You certainly have your work cut out for you for the next few weeks! (no pun intended!) Good luck and congrats to you.

Sabii Wabii said...

I'v emade the option one 1 coat out of a silk was beautiful!

Tanya said...

Option 1 certainly seems the way to go: What did you choose?