Wednesday, February 04, 2009

the knitting and finishing the UFO's

Notice the Cherries?

Yarn Blue Sky alpaca silk in Ruby. Love this yarn!! Love it.

The pattern is a free download from SMarieK Knits. Check out her lovely selection of scarf patterns. I found the pattern easy to follow and well put together.
"Easy to Follow" is a relative term. The pattern had a 28 row repeat with patterning stitches on both front and back, so there was no relaxing with this one, no chatting while knitting, no paying attention to TV. Still, I cast on Jan 2, 2009 and finished it, seamed the CB together, blocked it and still wore it before the end of January. That, for me folks, is a first.
I really mean it that I'm getting out of the habit of having a million-ty projects going at once..

Two weeks ago I also finished knitting Dickinson, and this week (Sunday) I put the final stitches into the Drops cardi second sleeve. I know you're sick of seeing these photos...I'm putting them up here as a nice little reminder to me to Finish the suckers.

Knit Projects ready for finishing/seaming/blocking

All are finished knitting and ready for blocking/seaming/neckbands if necessary. That is all on the agenda for February. Get these projects seamed and finished. Feel free to harass me. email me, ask to see finished photos.

Left on the needles - that most boring of projects, the modern log cabin blanket only in garter stitch.

And Kilkenny for Mark.

So in the last couple of days I've been playing around with casting on an Alice Starmore Aran for me. Something that has been on my "want to make" list for a long long time.

The stash, we've talked about the stash, right?
I'm determined/obligated to use yarn I've already purchased. So why is it that I don't have an appropriate traditional 2 or 3 ply worsted or aran weight yarn in sufficient quantity in my (very Prodigious) stash? I don't know, but I don't.

I have sufficient quantity in the correct weight of Karabella's Aurora 8 in red. Lovely yarn. Very soft. Lovely to wear. Not the right stuff for an AS aran.

But I'm going to "make it work".
so I cast on for Irish Moss and knit one skein's worth

And then ripped it out.
It's just the wrong yarn.
Not getting the right message though, I went through the books again and again, until I landed on the tunic version of Little Rivers - has a picot edge instead of ribbing at the hem.
Again, I've knit one skein's worth on this sweater.

The texture is just wrong. The tension is too tight. The resulting fabric feels spongy and sproingy, rather than supple.
This yarn needs to breathe.

This yarn needs to be knit into something like the B&B pullover , or the Anthropologie knockoff Truffle that dullegriet just made, or Bonnie by Fiona Ellis (Twist Collective).

It'll probably be the B&B pullover - I've had it in my queue for several years, and it will go equally well over a pair of jeans while on the boat as anything else.
Sigh, I just loved knitting that Little Rivers pattern. Easily memorized after the first few rows.
I need to sell off some of the yarn that I have in order to buy what I want.

from the Interweave Knits page where this pattern is available for download for $5 if you don't have the old magazine issue. (I do)

Caution to those who go about stash building: be sure you aren't going to change your mind on what you want to knit.


Deepika said...

I love that scarf and what a pretty color! I haven't been knitting in the last few weeks but your projects make me want to jump right in.

cidell said...

That scarf is beautiful. I need to pick up my project again so I can get to this point faster!

Lorraine said...

Marji- AND don't buy anything too far ahead of time- because you lose interest.

The scarf is cute, and it was the perfect yarn for the project. Ahhh, bliss.

Lori said...

Beautiful scarf.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

What about the sewing ufos? I see plenty of knitting here but what about sewing...cause I KNOW you have a few of those laying around!

ACorgiHouse said...

Gorgeous projects, and don't worry. You WILL finish those UFOs. I am, after all, the Queen of Unfinished Projects and I refuse to be knocked off my perch! K

Mardel said...

Oh jeez, that pullover has been in my queue for so long that it is not in the queue. It is in the gueue to the gueue to the queue.

What pretty projects. You have been very busy.

Carrie K said...

The scarf is really pretty! The B&B sweater will be cute. I do that all the time, buy yarn for one project, forget about it, then try to make it work for another.

Crystal said...

The scarf is gorgeous! You're getting a lot more done on your UFOs than I am. I love that Truffle sweater... I thought of making it, but figured it wouldn't look great on me. I like all of your choices; you really can't go wrong!

gaylen said...

I love the scarf - the cherries are lovely.

I also really like the B&B Pullover.

As for selling off stash - Ravelry has been great for trading or selling. Stashing yarn - I guess that's why I really only have sock yarns stashed. But starting to feel exreme guilt about it. Love your projects. Hope you are enjoying the process. g

Brigitte said...

If I had a dollar for every project I've started and ripped out because it ended up not looking right... That's my "swatching"!

The scarf is very elegant, and worth the work you put into it. :D

Cennetta said...

The cherry scarf is beautiful, Marji. Project started ..., dare I expose myself...,

Cindy Ann said...

That is gorgeous! Wish I had been born with the knitting gene.