Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Sayin' Hi and responding finally to that award

First of all, I have to thank, from the bottom of my heart, Cennetta, Barbara and Mardel, each of whom nominated me for the latest of the blogger awards to make the circuit. Especially since I've been a negligent blogger lately, at best.
Like Carolyn, I too have been one of those who've watched the blog awards circle around and have been among the last to rec'v one, which makes one feel a bit like the kid standing on the side of the field waiting to get picked (last) for the team.
I don't know who starts these blog awards, but they do seem to make the rounds every once in awhile. And of course, everyone has to get one.
And I'm just as thrilled as the next person to finally get picked for the team.

Seems kind of silly, no?
I'm supposed to pass it along. Well, if there is someone out there who hasn't been nominated yet, let me know, ok?
My congratulations go to Shannon of Hungry Zombie Couture, who lately received a blog award that is truly meaningful. She placed in the top 5 in the 2008 Canadian Blog awards. And she was up with some truly awesome competition - the likes of The Yarn Harlot for criminey sake! Whew!
I'd like to nominate Summerset for this blogger award too.
- Because her blog is one that truly is deserving of all the awards out there. Summerset's work is phenomenal - I've seen her work, in person. And she is meticulous about documenting the process, and shares her knowledge and her creative process Every Single Day. Who else can say that? We blog readers are truly privileged to be admitted into the creative process of Summerset's mind. And I haven't seen this award show up on Summerset's blog. Which is either a function of the fact that I'm as guilty of negligent blog reading as I have been negligent of posting lately - or else that Summerset has been overlooked in the latest round of blog award because everyone Assumes that she'll have received this award first go-round.

There are so many out there doing wonderful things with blogs that make me WANT to check in. Toby Wollin's Kitchen Counter Economics is the latest. Thanks much to Cidell for pointing this out.
And thank-you to Toby for being Real. If you haven't read this - go now. (then come back, ok?)

Next up, the knitting.

Tomorrow, if I can get the post written.
Tonight, it's my anniversary. dh and I have been married 8 years, today.

I just won a Bond Knitting Machine on ebay. Am I nuts? Probably.
But, Alexandra and MaryBeth, I'm going to be looking for help soon, I just know it. (MB, I'm very worried for you and your business with this nonsense about the lead-free legislation taking effect this month.)


Carrie K said...

No, a knitting machine sounds fabulous for all that mindless stockinette. Would you sew everything by hand?

Thanks for the links! It's always fun to explore new blogs. I live in fear I'll be nominated because I am awful about acknowledging in a timely fashion.

ACorgiHouse said...

No, I have a knitting machine I've owned for YEARS and never had out of the case till last month! I'm still fiddling, but I think it is fun. At least it's a legal addiction... K

Janene said...

Congrats on the knitting machine - I think you'll love it. I have a couple but haven't done anything on them for a long time.

Alexandra said...

Congratulations and happy anniversary! Cool that you'll have a knitting machine now; I'm looking forward to seeing your creations. If your sewing projects are any indication, we (your blog readers) are in for a real treat.

Nanci said...

Happy anniversary, Marji!

Vicki said...

Hi Marji, I was late to get the Kreative award too and even though I didn't particularly feel like I deserved it, it is kinda lonely isn't it? I ended up not nominating anyone as everyone seemed to have already been nominated (even Summerset). I did however update my blogrole which just about has everyone and her dog..lol. BTW, nice to see you posting and your knitting is awesome - love that pink scarf

Shannon said...

Nice to see you back to blogging. I missed you.

I've always wanted a knitting machine, but I keep resisting because I don't think I have time for yet another hobby. Can't wait to see what rolls off of your machine though!

Crystal said...

Happy Anniversary! (belatedly). And congrats on the blog award, too. I haven't been nominated, but then I also haven't done enough to deserve an award, haha.

Melodye said...

Happy Anniversary!

Summerset said...

Late to the party, as usual. I spent last week busy, busy, busy. Happy Anniversary to you. You were married the same day my son was born - he turned 8 on Feb. 3!

Thank you for the award and kind compliments! I am very appreciative as I know your caliber of work, too.

Now, how are those knitting projects going?;)

Cennetta said...

Marji, You're the best. I've learned much from you and gain more confidence in trying new and different things. Koudos to you.