Friday, February 13, 2009

What I've been meaning to say

Blog post ideas that have been floating around in my head:
  • The sewing post on stripes and orientation of same
  • The post on planning your work and what you actually do relative to those plans. Cidell posted recently that she's written out her top projects and in looking at them realized that there isn't enough work related clothing so she is going to re-visit the plan. Carolyn writes that the surest way to kill a project is to put it on the "plan to sew" list....and I've got a queue and plans of things I really want to why is it that what jumped onto my needles this week hasn't even been on my radar??? more to come
  • The post that is partially written on plaids. Birgitte has actually been making what I've only thought about. And chosen fabric and patterns for...maybe next year. sigh.
  • a real departure for me, but my post on the economy and the dichotomy of spending to stimulate the economy vs being financially responsible and actually doing what we've been told to do for years and actually building a savings account. I've started reading the blog titled The Simple Dollar>>31 days to Fix your Finances.
So, who is going to develop the first technology that will allow me to dictate my blog posts and have them magically appear? Because lately it's been a real challenge to translate the blog post idea to an actual blog post.

Meanwhile, I've got another FO to show.
Last blog post I talked about all the knitting that is finished off the needles, simply in need of sewing up.
And then I showed the unsuccessful starts of the next project that I want to knit, an aran. And I sort of just breezed by the fact that I had one last sweater project on the needles. It was the Kilkenny aran sweater by Lorraine Condotta of Twisted Traditions that I started and gifted to my son a year ago. I had some sizing problems, and set the sweater aside.

After having all those yarn issues with trying to start another aran, I took it as a sign, an omen if you will (I've been reading/listening to a lot of medieval history lately and don't you know, everything is imbued with signs and portents), anyway, I took it as a sign that I needed to finish Mark's Kilkenny.
I'm going up to IL to see Mark Sunday, and I thought how surprised he would be to actually receive the finished sweater. So I put some concentrated effort into it, and re-figured the sleeve charts to get the size I needed, and began knitting two sleeves roughly 10 days ago. (When did I last post? it was after that). If you're on Ravelry, check here for the backstory on this yarn. It's not something I can post in the totally public forum of this blog.
I present Kilkenny for Mark

CarrieK I nominate you for the Kreative Blogger award!
Go back a blog post or two and pull that graphic down and go paste it on your blog. You do too deserve it. oh, and that's another blog post idea that I've got to follow up on. The Feb poetry month blog post. I've even found the poem. Thanks my friend for just being there. And for following even when I've gone off on tangents that totally don't interest you at all. You, my friend, have a great and interesting blog.


cidell said...

Oh, gorgeous! Thanks for the two new blogs to look at. I'm going to another knitting group Saturday night. MUST blow through my scarf!

Carrie K said...

There are very few tangents you go down that don't interest me, Marji! That plaid jacket Birgitte made looks fabulous.

Ooh, Kilkenny looks good! I've got about two inches on the needles for my brother/me one of these days.

Marjorie said...

That is beautiful. The Saxon braid is one of my favorites, and it works wonderfully on that sweater--especially how you worked it into the neck and ribbing.

Elizabeth said...

Love that sweater! Great work.

Birgitte said...

That is an absolutely STUNNING sweater, wow!

I also love the background- is that your kitchen? And that fireplace, me like me like!!! :))

Lindsay T said...

Gorgeous sweater. Major knitting envy here. And don't shy away from taking my Pope comment--it's an accurate analogy! Thanks for the compliment on my Chanel jacket; means a lot coming from someone who's made so many gorgeous jackets.

Mardel said...

Gorgeous sweater! And tell me all about putting something on the "list" or "queue" only to have it disappear into the bowels of the universe. The list and what I make seem to exist in different realities.

and BTW, all your tangents are interesting.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

The sweater is stunning and I knew you would finish it in time!

gaylen said...

The sweater is wonderful. Is that what's called a "saddle shoulder?" I hope Mark enjoys it. I think it's lovely.

Oh - I totally know what you mean. I have 2 pairs of socks up next and cast on something different altogether. I'll be over my personal allowance of 3 pairs of socks going at once! g

knittinbrit_in_wi said...

The sweater looks fantastic and don't you just feel such a large load lifted having it completed, and will now be able to move on to other aran projects. Oh, the freedom!

Thanks for the link to the Simple Dollar, it looks very interesting and I plan on taking a much closer look at it. Although it would be nice if they added an appendix for knitters and yarn stash enthustiasts, it could have really helped me with all of the Sundara yarn purchases I've been making lately.

And as for your blog. Always interesting. Always!

Becky said...

The Kilkenny looks great. I love the colorful shades in the yarn, too. Beautiful cables.

Brigitte said...

Oh, it's beautiful Marji! And I just love the colour you chose.

Must go and see what you knit it with.


Lorraine said...

Marji- You did a great job- I hope it becomes his favorite sweater.