Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's a good day to shop

As the weather gets warmer (and we get closer to launch) knitting becomes less inviting and sewing is taking a higher place on my limited time priority list.

I need summer clothes badly. And shoes I can wear.
I have the habit started 3 or 4 seasons ago of just getting rid of everything at the end of a season that I'm either sick of or what doesn't fit or what is looking worn. Last fall I was heartily sick of the few things that I'd been wearing all summer.
Need I tell you that my clothing options for warm weather right now consist of gym shorts and 2 dresses? The blue/red stripe Bottega Venetta knockoff with the smocked back, and Vogue 8386 in the grey/yellow dot knit. Actually, I'm surprised I didn't get rid of the knit dress, as I'm a bit sick of it already and I've only worn it 3 times this season (last week) (grin).

I have no shorts. I have a few knit tops, but they're all looking a bit worn around the edges, and they're all turquoise or pink.
So, I'm ready to whip out a few fast items so that I'm not reduced to wearing the same thing to work every other day when I'm at home, and wearing gym shorts when I'm not at work.

Hot off the machine: BWOF ??-????-??? skirt
in a fairly beefy navy linen

Don't remember the issue the BWOF skirt came from. I traced it off last fall, and didn't label it. RuthieK advised this week on SG to label your patterns as soon as you trace them. Good advice.
I also Can't remember how long ago I got this fabric, nor from where. I know I didn't have much of it, so I ended up having to face the hem. I chose to use another remnant - a seersucker, that's been kicking around here for awhile. I also made the pocket bag and the fly facing from the same seersucker. Then, instead of interfacing the waistband, I decided to face it on the outside with grosgrain ribbon. Back in the day I had instructors who taught us to use grosgrain as the waistband stabilizer inside the waistband. I just decided it would be a cute touch to have it show. So, it's topstitched to the facing side of the straight waistband, then I just hand stitched the fold to the seam allowance inside, as I normally would.

KayY asked about what I do to get the waistband square to the facing and fly front. I had to think, since I don't think I do anything special. But then I was demonstrating to a student last week in class, and the lightbulb went on when a student asked why I was offsetting the stitching line coming up to finish the end of the waistband. I generally come over one or two yarns of the woven fabric when stitching straight up to finish an edge, in order to accomodate the "turn of the cloth". Here's a pic, before the buttonhole and button were finished.

So, what am I shopping for?
Zappos my friends. It's been a long long time since I've gotten any new shoes. I felt like I was overdue.
See a theme here? Looks like I'm going to be ready to celebrate come 4th of July.

Just for good measure, and to be certain I don't get into comical territory, I added this pair in yellow.

So I've got a navy/white summer jacket/top on the sewing table now. And... look for details soon, a BWOF dress or two, or three. Many thanks to Cidell for her loan of two past issues of BWOF that I'm sure I have, I'm sure I do, but I can't find them.

I'm hosting the BWOF sewalong at Sew It Seams on Manchester in St Louis beginning Thursday evening April 30, 6PM-9PM. If you're in St Louis, consider joining us.

Let the summer sewing begin!


Nancy K said...

I am glad you didn't get rid of that BV knock off. It's too gorgeous for tossing.
I love Zappo's too. They have more wide width stylish shoes than anyone. I use it like a shoe store and order a few and send back what doesn't fit or work for me. I like your choices.

wendy said...

Ruthie's a smart woman. ;-) I need to work on completely labeling ALL the pieces... I always seem to find stray BWOF pattern pieces under my sofa or something labeled just as "1 front size 36" or something, and I have NO IDEA what issue or anything it's from!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Yeah, you've crossed back over from the dark side! *LOL* Love the navy skirt and can't wait to see the rest of the pieces.

And question...does this mean that you threw out that entire wardrobe you made to sail in last year? O-M-G!!!

Mardel said...

Love the navy skirt and there is nothing like new shoes to perk up the spirits and the wardrobe. Zappos is great, and I always have a weakness for those color combinations.

I think my summer wardrobe may be almost as bereft as yours, but I just started pawing through it. I know I have no shorts though, no dresses, and maybe two skirts. Several pairs of nice pants, and I have no idea what to wear over them.

I guess I better get out of my "tackle the house" rut and into a sewing groove instead.

And I love that gray and yellow dress on you, which reminds me that I have a little top out of the same fabric. Good thing too as I can wear it as a vest later in the week since the temperature is supposed to drop again, from the 90s today to a high in the 50's the rest of the week.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

I like the idea of clearing out at the end of a season, though like you I would just get rid of everything! Fun shoes. I have been looking for the perfect yellow shoe (alas, must be supportive and have no heel) forever!

jae said...

I love those shoes! And your header says 16 days until launch. Can the maiden voyage really be that soon? :)

gwensews said...

Great little skirt! My heart is thumping for those heels!

melissa said...

oh. my. god. I love that smocked back! Smocking just seems so intimidating to me, though I was recently given a book which (among other things) goes through how to make all the different and crazy types of smocking...

Carrie K said...

You whipped out that skirt? Cute! I love the red white & blue shoes but I bet I couldn't wear them for five minutes anymore.

Wow. Swatches. I've never seen so many of them in one place before. Purty.

Lorraine said...

Marji- I love skirts in the summer, much cooler and they look cute.

They also hide my huge thighs, but that's another story.

Love the shoes!

Cennetta said...

Love both dresses, Marji. To great pieces to carry over from last Spring.

The linen skirt is beautifully made. I really like the affect of grosgrain ribbon.

Shoes, shoes..., You've made some great choices.

Brigitte said...

Oh, such beautiful shoes Marji!

I'm not sure where you are right now (the ticker says 3 days since launch) - and I hope all is going well.

Linda said...

Great looking skirt. Love, love, love the shoes!