Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Just Skirting Around

"Every now and then your wardrobe needs an injection of something, new, trendy and fun. That was the thought when we spied the pencil skirts shown in the large graphic prints and florals in the June 2009 issue of Lucky Magazine. These skirts provide a great way to update a classic...so with that photo spread and a little conversation...we were ready to create our own versions. Following are our individual interpretations of an updated yet classic pencil skirt."

A feature in Lucky Magazine highlighting the pencil skirt done in large scale prints/graphic prints.Photo from Lucky Magazine

The Challenge:
Create a pencil skirt works on our own body and use a bold print. Participants are Carolyn, Cidell, LindsayT, and Me. (I proposed the challenge to a few sewing friends after reading Carolyn's post of May 9 )

The skirt:

Pattern used: A modified version of Vogue 2770. I first made this skirt in a black wool crepe and still wear it. Love the shape and the fit. I moved the slit to the back and placed the front on the fold. This truly fits the definition of a pencil skirt. The hem is 4" narrower in circumference than the hip. A walking slit is definitely required.

I really studied the Lucky Magazine skirts for the styling and the details. Notice on the photo above that the hemlines on these skirts are right on the knee or an inch below the knee. Notice also the tops. Tucked in. Classic shirt styling or blouson peasant style.
I pulled a top from my closet (an older RTW wrap top - didn't realize how badly that back fit - ugh), but have plans in the next weeks to make a blouse for my pencil skirts. To tuck in. I love the way the waistband motif matches with the skirt motif and finishes off the center. However it's all covered up by the wrap blouse.
It would be easy to wear a jersey knit top with this too, but I'm liking the way they're showing it.

Fabric / Fabric source: A silk / cotton blend twill from Fabric Mart. I originally purchased this to make a maxi-dress this spring. But when it came I was less than thrilled with the hand for the dress I wanted. And when I ended up needing an alternative for this skirt, this fabric came handily to mind.
Lining: Ambiance.
Underlining: Fusi-knit or Sof-knit (have 10 yds of this stuff but can't remember exactly which it is)

Construction details:
Engineering the print placement -
The success of this garment is totally dependent on the placement of the print.
I held the fabric up to me and moved the motif up and down to figure out which would be the most desirable placement.
Fortunately, the scale works out well for this project. I decided to place the waist right at the horizontal pink motif that separates the turquoise vertical paisley curls.

I underlined the skirt using a fusible.
Click on this photo to make it larger and read the text.
The skirt has a contour waistband. To stay the waist and prevent it from stretching out I used a selvage edge piece of silk organza.
To hem the lining, which is free hanging except where it is stitched to the back slit, I borrowed a technique from Carolyn and used a piece of vintage lace.
To support the waist closure and reduce the strain on the zipper I inserted a tab at the Center back behind the zipper on the left waistband and stitched a button to the waistband facing on the right.

Doing the goofy model pose

All in all I'm very pleased with this skirt, and am going to love wearing it.
Thanks Carolyn, Cidell and LindsayT for keeping this project on track and making it fun!!

See tomorrows post for a less successful attempt at the pencil skirt in a large / graphic print. As I stated above, print placement is Everything!


Lisette M said...

Fantastic looking skirt!!

Sigrid said...

Certainly "something, new, trendy and fun.". Love this idea (I took a quick peek at the other skirts in the reader already). And all your skirts look so wonderful.
Love the last picture!
The print really works with the white shirt and colored shoes.

gwensews said...

Nice skirt. It took some thought to get the print aligned and just in the right place. Nice job! The lace trimming the lining hem is a nice detail. And those shoes--love em'!

Pam~Off The Cuff ~ said...

Lovey skirt...beautiful fabric, and top-notch sewing.

...and you look lovely wearing it!

Erica B. said...

Fabulous skirt! What a wonderful print!

Vicki said...

How gorgeous, and what a fun thing to do! And you all posting at the one time. Love it. Beautifully done. And nice shoes :)

JB said...

Beautiful skirt. Love the fabric and the idea of the challenge. Good job.

Lindsay T said...

Can I just say one more time how much I love this fabric?! I'm digging your model pose, Marji. This looks fabulous on you!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I love this print on you! Fabulous!!!

JoanneM said...

Print placement is perfect! Love this skirt on you!

Sara said...

Great print! And thanks for the Vogue 8571 tips-- I started my own last night, following your method.

cidell said...

Your print placement is spot on! I love the colors and this is such a sleek look on you. Thanks for the fun idea!

BConky said...

Your skit is magnificent. Love the placement of the fabric. So fun to see the different skits you all did.

Mardel said...

Great skirt, and you look fabulous, really fabulous wearing it.

Nancy K said...

Very cool! I love this skirt. All of them are fabulous!

Jane said...

The skirt is fabulous and you look beautiful in it! Lovely - both of you :)

Mary Beth said...

Ahhh, this is the dressmaking Marji I've been missing. Glad to see you making beautiful things for yourself again :)

Gorgeous Things said...

I love your skirt and I love the idea of this challenge!

Cindy said...

Lovely skirt. Thanks for the construction details--very helpful.

Claudine said...

Great skirt! I love the print.

gaylen said...

I'm so glad you're back. I've missed you and you look fabulous. Love, love, love the skirt. Love the print placement - I just love everything about it. It will be so much fun to wear. g

Gigi said...

I love what you did with the print placement - it's so flattering! I've viewed all four skirts and love them all. Hmm, it's been awhile since I've made a skirt..

Anonymous said...

That skirt is beautiful, fabric is awesome, Great Job!!! I am an avid reader of Diary of a sewing fanatic and I followed the blogs. You ladies are talented and have great taste.

Jean said...

I hopped over from Carolyn's blog to see your pencil skirt! It's great!
I found years ago a hint that is great for skirts with slits; if you sew an eye from a hook and eye, (one of the straight ones) just at the top of the slit... (so it doesn't show) it will be an extra strength there to keep the slit from coming unsewn! Which does occasionally happen... more in store bought then home sewn... but it works great!

Dana said...

That skirt is fantastic - just love the fabric!

Els said...

Lovely fabric, fantastic made skirt.

Carol said...

I am a sucker for anything vaguely paisley and this fabric is simply beautiful. Your skirt is lovely and very, very flattering. I love your shoes, too. You need some of Cidell's blue nail polish for your toes!

Meg said...

Great skirt, I love the top too.

Summerset said...

Love it! I always love paisley, but this one is gorgeous. Your pattern placement is perfect.

Love all the boat pictures! We had a sailboat when I was in middle school. My dad, brother and I would go sailing quite often.

AllisonC said...

I absolutely love this skirt - and the shoes. Great inspiration idea to make a pencil skirt in this print, it works brilliantly.

Nancy W. said...

Great skirt Marji. And what a fun idea to have your "secret" sew-along. I'm planning on making a few skirts this summer and was inspired by the Lucky article as well.

Lori said...

Pretty skirt, the fabric is so pretty. I have enjoyed seeing all 4 of your skirts, a fun sewalong for you ladies.

SewingLibrarian said...

Your skirt is beautiful, and I love all the little details in the construction. All four of you did a great job with your challenge, and you are all an inspiration!

Cennetta said...

Wonderfully made audacious print skirt. I love every detail. The outfit as a whole is one I could use in my wardrobe.

SkitzoLeezra said...


sensoussi said...

so cute! and the linen finitions, would like to do the same....

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