Monday, October 12, 2009

Finding my Voice

Lighthouse at the Entrance to the channel at Holland MI.
Note the direction the flag is blowing - the wind is out of the south. We had about 5 days all summer long with winds out of the south. Weird winds this summer.

Well, when I wrote that last post, June 14, I had no intention of being off-line so long.
And the longer it got, the more difficult it became for me to find something important enough to blog about.
I'm still not certain that I have a enough to write about that is relevant and worthy of your reading time. But I do have some friends out there in the blogosphere who've been encouraging me to get back online, so I'll give it a go again.

First up, I'd like to finally, 4 months later, acknowledge those who left links to their lists.
NancyW wrote a post about lists here
Rose's sewing list is here
Jenny made up a list specifically after reading that last post, then decided she was overcommitted (a not uncommon state of being for those who play with fabric and yarn).
Trudy left a link, but alas no list. She more than made up for that though, with a link to her 8 year old daughters sewing blog. How cool is that?
Most everyone else admitted to making lists, either on paper or in their head. And nearly everyone confessed to rather sketchy follow-through on the lists.
I do think it would be interesting to check back on those lists now that summer is over and see how closely anyone met their listed goals.

I did make a list of sorts last spring.
1. Go sailing...
dh and I made a long list of places we planned to sail to over the summer. Ha! Mother nature was not cooperating. We got in about 1/2 the sailing we'd hoped. The rest of the time we hung out on the boat at the marina, and made new friends. Had a great time.
Generally There was too much wind, generally coming from the wrong direction, however sometimes there just wasn't any wind at all. And, it was the coolest summer on Lake Michigan in recent memory. Cold actually.
I'll add sailing pictures over the next coming months, just so that you don't get innudated all at once. I wouldn't want to bore you with a whole bunch.
This is a pic from a glorious day out on Lake Michigan. We were sailing back to Lake Macatawa from Pentwater Lake and had perfect winds and sunshine
item 2 on my list:
Make a needlepoint Christmas Stocking for my daughter-in-law.
DS#2 asked me to make her one just before they got married last October. When I reminded him that it took me 7 years to make his, he replied that I didn't have to finish hers for This Christmas.
He wanted an angel, so we looked and looked and found an angel that he liked, and I began stitching on this in May. I worked on this project all summer, almost to the exclusion of everything else. And, I finished the stitching in September, right after Labor Day.
I ordered Velveteen and cording, and now I just have to block it and put it all together.
She was stitched on 18 count canvas using a variety of fibers.

detail photo of the "ribbon" line at the hem of the angels dress. I used metallic threads, silk thread and beads to stitch that area.

I'm reasonably certain that she never looks at this blog, so I'm thinking she'll be surprised in November when we give the kids their Christmas stuff. I have a box of ornaments and decorations as well as my own kids stockings here. This is the year that both boys are married and both are in their own houses, so it's time to give them their stuff.

But, I can't be without stockings for the family. So, I've started knitting the stockings from the "fabrics" collection from Judys Colors.

For the little bit of knitting I did this summer, this is all I accomplished.

Next time: More sailing pics (or at least "living on a boat" pics), another project or two, and more of my 2009 lists including the Reading List!

I hope you find me again. I promise not to go AWOL again, at least not without notice.


Cindy said...

Welcome back! The angel is beautiful. Needlepointing stockings for my kids has been on the list since they have been born. Every Christmas when I pull out their store bought stockings, I feel guilt...
I have a photo of the red Holland lighthouse in our hallway upstairs. A very fond childhood memory!

Lisette M said...

Welcome back Marji! The stocking is beautiful; back when I used to cross stitch and needlepoint exclusively I had dreams of making stockings for everyone. Well now I know that I can wait until the boys get married to get them done ;-)

Melodye said...

Welcome back!

ACorgiHouse said...

Welcome back! Great stockings. I cross-stitched them for my nieces/nephews when they were little, thank goodness, as I'm too blind now to do that little stuff. I've also been living more and blogging less, internet friends are terrific but let's be honest, who wants to go out saying "I wish I had blogged more?" Cheers. K

knittinbrit_in_wi said...

Woo Hoo! Marji is back!!!!! I've missed you. Glad you got some sailing in this summer.

Ashlee's stocking is absolutely beautiful. You always do such beautiful work.

As for the knitted stockings, I've been wanting to knit some of these up for ages and am feeling the need to start one now....

Looking forward to hearing more from you. We really need to get together sometime.

Becky said...

Welcome back to the blog world! What a beautiful stocking to make for your DIL. And the knitted stocking is lovely, too.

Uta said...

The stocking is so gorgeous. I started a cross stitched one two years ago; it's about 1/3 done... I would need to let my sewing rest until Christmas to get it done (AND read no blogs!), but since my sewing machine and I are on such good terms right now... I may return to it when the kids are married, too!

Kathleen C. said...

Awww. Too bad about Mother Nature this Summer, but glad you got to meet like mided folk around the marina anyway!
LOVE those knitted stockings. I don't really need a stocking but those are so gorgeous I may have to make one anyway!!!
BTW, no need to wait to post until it's "interestng enough". I'll take even boring bits of info! heheh...

Summerset said...

Glad to hear from you! You sound like you've had a marvelous time depsite not the best sailing weather. I'm looking forward to whatever you post next!

Carrie K said...

That angel is adorable and wow, you're on a lot faster track with your DIL's than w/your son's. ;)

Cute Christmas stockings! Pfft on your output. Summer is for sailing or hanging out Not Sailing. And blogging is like a catch up phone call to friends. With pictures. :)

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Well I knew where you were and can I say that I'm glad you are back! ;)

jae said...

That stocking has come a long way since I last saw it. It looks great!

gaylen said...

I've seen you've been really busy over on Rav. Love the stocking for your new daughter in law. I plan to make stockings this year too.

I'm so glad you are back blogging. I have missed your voice - it's always cheerful and helpful.

I believe the Simplicity patterns are on sale this weekend - I'm headed there today if you'd like me to send you a pattern. g

Vicki said...

Hi Marji,

Nice to see you posting again! Sounds like you had a good summer even if it wasn't exactly as planned.