Monday, November 09, 2009

Follow up to Knitting from Japanese patterns

First, the excuses: it was dark when I was finally ready last night for a pic or two. Dark this AM when dh left for work, Dark when I got home from work.
Pics will come, someday, I promise.


LisetteM asked:
  • I have a couple of questions about the Japanese knitting patterns. First are the sizes small? I recently read an article about a Japanese RTW line of clothing which only goes up to a size 6.
All you have to do is look at the schematics to determine the size. I tried on a bunch of the designs at the trunk show at Kirkwood knittery, and I have to say that the only thing that was consistently small were the sleeves. The diameter of the arms were really small. At least the patterns designed for the Habu yarns tend to be really goemetric and square, so they're sort of "one size....". Which means, If I felt they fit me, then they would be huge for the majority of the Asian population of women. I'm not exactly a small woman.
I do find that many of the Japanese patterns are written in one size only.

  • Second, are the Japanese knitting patterns different enough from the more easily available and easy to comprehend american and european patterns that gets you excited to go through the extra trouble?
Some are, some aren't. I have the books I got because I wanted the pattern for Am Kamin, and for the oak leaf pullover. To my knowledge there is nothing like either one of these patterns written in English.
And regards reading Japanese patterns, Kim, (knitinbrit) offered up these links:
Here's the book - Clear and Simple knitting Symbols

Very helpful!

I have found a lot of great info online. Have you checked this link out too?
How to Read Japanese Knitting Charts

BTW, if you haven't read Kims' letter to Dear Santa aka Cute Guy, then you should - it's hysterical.

And my own Cute Guy - probably has H1N1
Guess who's sleeping in the guest room tonight? - no silly, not him. ... I won't put him out but oth, I don't really want the flu at this point.

Just a thought, Have you met, IRL, any of the bloggers that you regularly read or correspond with?

I've met Kim. Time for us to get together again actually.
And I've met several other knit bloggers, including Jae, Lorraine (no longer blogging), Elizabeth, and I don't exactly remember how many others. A few, certainly. Oh, I've actually met the infamous Franklin, of Panopticon fame. Jae even came to stay with me on the boat this summer.

But, I think I can say without exaggeration, I've never met another sewing blogger. I talk regularly on the phone with several, but I've never met, in person, any of them.
I'm an idiot - I've met Summerset. Totally slipped my mind when I wrote that - but we got to meet in a fabric store! and then had a lovely lunch. She was on her way to Paducah to show one of her art-garments. Summerset, I apologize for my memory slip. It was wonderful.

Time to change this, time to meet more sewing bloggers?


AllisonC said...

I've met 2 sewing bloggers which given I am in Hong Kong is not bad! Vicki (HK shopper so not a huge surprise there) and Trena the slapdash sewist. Loved meeting them both.

knittinbrit_in_wi said...

Here, here! Definitely time to get together again. Will have to work on that.

Sorry to hear dh is sick with the h1n1 flu. I'm agree - best to keep your distance.

alison said...

if you are looking for a similar pattern to the oakleaf pullover there is this one in Knitter's Magazine 45, Winter 1996 "Oakleaf" Family Tree"

melissa said...

I'm lucky in that lots of sewing bloggers come to visit London and we get to go shopping as a result! I've met Sigrid, Johanna Lu, and Isabelle so far and they've been really lovely. It's so great to walk around fabric stores and totally geek out about fibre count and possible patterns for things you find!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Being on the East Coast I've been lucky to meet a ton of sewing bloggers--Cidell, Karen, Elizabeth (two of them), Carolyn, etc. etc.

I've also met Isabelle, Paco, and AllisonC while traveling, which is a fun way to feel at home in a foreign country.

BetsyV said...

I've met Summerset, GorgeousThings, and BeebeePastiche in person. I think that's it for bloggers I read.

I have met one or two other posters on SG, who don't have blogs.

It is fun to meet someone you already "know"!

Mardel said...

I've met a couple: Carolyn, Trena, Barbara of Cat Fur Studio. I think I need to get out more.

Lisette M said...

Thanks for your answers Marji. I hope to make it to the Philadelphia PR weekend, this spring, I hope you can make it too!

KayY said...

I've met Anne-Marie (Le Mani D'oro) and DIGS (Straight Jacket Muse). Of course DIGS didn't start blogging until after I met her. Does that count?

Dana said...

I've met no one, but boy to I have big plans...someday New York, Chicago, and definitely St. Louis (my sister lives there)!

Digs said...

Kay & I first "met" on your Great Coat Sew Along, Marji - remember our joint fleece purchase, Kay? A lot of new sewing blogs seem to be springing up lately!

a little sewing on the side said...

Don't you look fab in that jacket! And I keep hoping Summerset will have a show near me, too. Yes, Marji, I agree it's time to make time.