Monday, November 16, 2009

It's been a FUN day!

Can I tell you how much fun we're having?
And what a delightful person Cidell is?
So, about today:
First, We had breakfast. I'd have gotten pictures but I was too busy eating.
Then we had a measuring session
measuring session (1)
Then Cidell left to go to work for the AM. I found out that I hadn't underlined all of the houndstooth, and not only that but I failed to bring the rest of the batiste with which I was underlining the jacket. Oops.
So I started my muslin for the brown jacket. And I got to use Cidells PINK rotary cutter - woohoo.
not only that, but I spent more than a little time looking through the Bunka books and the Pattern Magic books she has. Great Stuff!

Then Cidell came and picked me up and we proceeded to go to A Fabric Place, aka Michaels retail store.
Michael is wonderful in person. I introduced myself and he immediately knew me from being an internet customer. Renee turned to me in surprise and exclaimed "you buy enough here that he KNOWS you?!?" LOL, um... I plead the fifth, but in my defense, Michael immediately piped up with the fact that they know all their customers.
I found the underlayment that I needed for the jacket as well as some lovely lavender cotton shirting to go with the purple passion project items. In addition, that RPL that Sherry sent out the email about last week - great stuff.
We also caught up with a friend, Leslie, and went to have snacks.
Then we returned here to make a bit of progress on a pant pattern for Cidell. Because time was getting short, we decided to go immediately to altering a commercial pattern.
altering the pattern (2)
altering the pattern (4)adding for sway back (3)

Time for dinner. Three of us went out to a wonderful restaurant - Woodberry Kitchen - and the came back and realized we hadn't done the requisite picture session. This is what you get after some good food and wine.
Cidell and Marji (1)Cidell and Marji (3)

Click here for more pics. Tomorrow it's time to stitch together muslins and to make use of the Bunka books for the bodice draft.
See Cidells blog for more ...


cidell said...

You can use my pink notions anytime!

Mardel said...

Oh it looks like such a fabulous day! And Michael is so nice although I haven't seen him in a few years.

Sharon said...

It sounds like a wonderful day. You two look like you're having so much fun!

Lisette M said...

I'm envious! Cidell is a lot of fun to be with. Michael and his wife always remember me and my family, they are wonderful.

JenSA said...

It sounds like you had a fab day. I'd love to meet other sewing ladies.

Patricia said...

It really sounds like fun!

knittinbrit_in_wi said...

Sounds like you're having a great time.

BTW, how skinny do you look?! You look wonderful, Marji!

Nancy K said...

Fun! It looks like you're having a marvelous time! Can't wait to meet you on Friday!

ACorgiHouse said...

Well how much fun is that? Michael and family are terrific, and a sewing immersion including food and wine can't be beat. I'm jealous, but then I was viciously working to earn moola to buy more fabric. C'est la vie! K

Sigrid said...

Great fun. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
Thanks too for the lovely comment on my blog, it's nice to be back, though the absence was only short.

Looking forward to read about class and the gettogether on Friday.

CarlaF-in Atlanta said...

Looks like fun! One question, in the pictures, are you using a scrapbook bag to store your notions?

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

It' so much fun following along with you on this wonderful trip :) Thanks for sharing it.