Monday, November 23, 2009

More Sit and Sew And Travel

planes trains and buses

Thoughts on travel from a Midwestern girl who drives everywhere:

First, let me say I have a whole new appreciation for those of you who are rely on public transport to get where you’re going. It takes a lot of patience to maneuver the rails and buses. But don’t ever think that Americans aren’t helpful or that they are nasty to tourists. I had help everywhere I went from strangers as I tried to manage my luggage on and off public transport. Including a man who offered to tote my large suitcase up the stairs at Penn Station in NYC when an elevator simply couldn’t be found. LOL, half way up he stopped and said out loud “why am I doing this”. That bag was heavy.

I’m flying Southwest – where “bags fly free”. That is, if they weigh less than 50 lbs. If they weigh more than 50 lbs they cost $50 bucks. That poor man lugged my heaviest bag which weighed in at 67 lbs up one LONG flight of stairs.

So, I’m now at the airport waiting on my plane to return to my real life. It’s been fun and I’m So glad I did this.

If you haven’t seen the pictures from the girls night out at dinner in NYC on everyone else’s blogs, the whole group can be found at my flickr page.

Sit and Sew and my project

What to expect when you sign up for a 4 day Sit and Sew in NYC with KK and SK:

  • a lot of expert help.
  • a garment that will fit you when you finish it
  • to employ methods of construction that you are unfamiliar with, and some that take a long time. Expect to underline whatever you’re making, whether it’s a skirt, a pair of pants, a dress or a coat.
  • a constructive positive learning experience. No one is berated, no one is made to feel stupid (as I’ve seen in some other class situations), everyone is allowed to work at their own pace.
  • expect to leave class with a project that needs finishing. Don’t expect to walk into class with a complex project and be able to complete it in 4 days.
  • Exceedingly crowded work conditions
  • A stimulating environment that is really motivating and will leave you wanting to go home and sew...and sew and sew

Kenneth King is marvelous!
day 1 he demostrated a bound buttonhole made with the piping method
day 2 bound buttonhole using his grosgrain ribbon method
Kenneth King demonstrating bound buttonhole technique
He also wears the most intriguing clothes. He's the "20 bucks" man. He kept showing off these intricate incredible clothes that he finds at thrift shops - and it seems that his price point for everything is $20.

We all know that I love Susan. She demonstrated how to put in couture linings, and held several other tutorials including a handpicked zipper and other hand stitches.
We had the privilege of meeting both her kids this time around too. They both flew in to the classroom late Friday before heading out for a family evening at the opera.

fitting session
NYC trip 119
NYC trip Mardel 012

tight work space
Robin and Mardel
Me and Susan at worktable

When I get home I'll start documenting the process from conception to completion of my project.
Remember this?

After leaving the Sit and Sew yesterday afternoon I made my first excursion ever to the Port Authority (what a place!) to catch the bus out to Carolyn's. The directions were absolutely perfect, including which escalators to take to get to the right gate.
Carolyn and I had a relaxing evening chatting about - what else? - Fabric. LOL, and can we talk fabric! I got to wallow in her fabric closet. It's all it's cracked up to be...
And the jury is out on who has more - or less - right now I think we're in a competition to say "you have more than me". Whatever, if they quit weaving fabric right this minute neither one of us would be in danger of having nothing to sew for a long time to come.
Carolyn, a big public Thank you! It was fun and relaxing and we'll do it again sometime.
oh, and Carolyn is on a campaign to catch me up on having "followers". LOL, I was exceedingly late to convert the old blogger format to the new one, which allowed all those fun things on the sidebars including follower box which adds people to your blog reader. It's really pretty convenient I will say, and I wonder why it took me so long. So Carolyn, since you posted for people to add me to their list of blogs they follow I've gained more than 30 followers! wee...
Hugs, M


Lindsay T said...

Oh, that all looks so familiar! You know, I didn't walk out of my Sit N Sew with a finished garment either (in fact I haven't touched it since), but I did come away with a new mindset about sewing and the process that I've since used on every single garment I've made. I'm much more precise and in control now, and hopefully it shows.

Great meeting you Marji!

meredithp said...

I've enjoyed everyone stories about the Sit and Sew Week in NYC, almost like being there (without the heavy bags). You all must be EXHAUSTED!

So as you discuss your project, what kind of sewing gear did you have to take?

meredithp said...

One more comment: just noticed we are the same age and astrological sign. Hmmmm...are Cancers natural sewers? I know we're homebodies--certainly true in my case!

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Yay :) I'm there too :)

I've really enjoyed reading all your posts about this trip and class. Thank you.

Lori said...

I am a Midwest gal, too and the first time I rode the subway in NYC, it was something else. So use to being in charge behind the wheel of my car, to I am not sure what I am doing! Thanks for the updates from your trip, sounds like so much fun, sewing and meeting other sewing bloggers.

a little sewing on the side said...

Marji, you are not afraid of anyting, are you? I am so impressed at how you made your way up and down the east coast. I can't wait to see your project when it is finished, I know it will be delicious. Your description of the workshop is spot on. It was memorable.

Trudy Callan said...

I wanna go.

Dana said...

It's been so much fun to read about all of this!!

Guess I need to update my blog too. I don't get the whole follower thing...but now I'm following you!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I had soooooo much fun! Love you!

Summerset said...

What a great trip! Thank you for sharing it with us - it sounds inspiring and educational and most of all, FUN.

Michelle said...

As a fellow midwest gal, I can totally relate! I lived in DC while on a fellowship at the Smithsonian and STILL insisted on driving everywhere. My fellow students finally shamed me into using the Metro and the first time I was so SCARED! I set aside an entire Saturday to go to Pentagon City to the mall. I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to get on the train, then I was nervous that I would miss the stop, then I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to find the mall...when I was all done all I could think was THAT'S ALL??? What was I afraid of?

I'm so glad you had a chance to hang out with Carolyn and all the wonderful ladies and I am filled with envy over everything you learned at the Sit and Sew, can't wait to see the jacket, it looks like it will be DIVINE!!

aurelia.donka said...

ACK! I just saw a pic of you and Robin at Mood where you are holding a piece of red and white striped fabric I've been looking for. Would you mind e-mailing back the fabric info so I can call Mood and have some shipped out?

Kristine said...

Glad you had so much fun! When I did that class in August, it was an absolute blast, and I echo every sentiment you mentioned! I hope to have a "class reunion" with my buddies from class soon, too!

Carrie K said...

Oooh,that sounds fabulous! the class and the nice bag totin' guy.

Mardel said...

What a great description of the class. I think it was a real confidence booster and mind-set changer and I know it will have a great impact on my sewing, or at least on my return to sewing. Can't wait to do more.

Thank you so much!!!

ClaireOKC said...

I don't know Susan, but Kenneth is a most generous person and this whole class looked like everything a student would want including enthusiasm and empowerment - what more could you want!

Cennetta said...

Wow, Marji! What a great time had by all. I'm inspired to go sew something right now. ;-)