Friday, November 06, 2009

The Purple Passion Collection

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Even before SWAP (sewing with a plan - designed to coordinate the items in your closet so that you actually sew clothes that go together), I tended to buy fabrics for collections.
I cannot tell you how long some of this has been in the collection, nor how long two of these pieces have been in "production". What I can tell you is that I'm thrilled to be finally sewing it all up and wearing it this fall. (note, all photos pertaining to this collection can be seen on my flickr page here)

Pattern is Vogue 7769 - so OOP that it isn't even in the OOP part of the online catalogue.
Fabric is a Loro Piana felted wool that has a variegated orange yarn couched onto the wool. At first glance looking at the wool it is not evident that the design is actually an ascending diagonal line.

I spent two days that dh was out of town with the piece laid out flat on the living room floor getting the layout correct so that the pattern would match as well as possible across seam lines.

I am VERY pleased with the match.

Other fabrics in the collection are
-a burnt orange microsuede - see skirt hanging behind the dress form.
-a wool herringbone tweed for pants and a skirt
-a poly woven swirl fabric recently purchased from EOS for a dress (see below)

not pictured yet, still in flat fabric stage
-a solid wool menswear flannel in purple heather for a skirt
-a hammered silk for blouse in softer purple
-a rayon jersey for a CJ wrap top in royal violet

The pant, under construction
Below: the line drawing for the planned dress and the swatch to make it. On the agenda today, get the pants lined and to the point of hand sewing, and muslin the dress.

To go with all of this I'm finally (FINALLY!) finishing the Irlandais Colchique sweater that I began in *ahem* 2005.

This is the stage it was left in January 2006.
As you can see I've finished the knitting and have begun sewing it together. I've also got the button band knit (finished it last night). Just need to knit the collar now and need to finish sewing it together this weekend. This is what it'll look like when it's done

Yarn: Inca Alpaca from Classic Elite
More Knitting news
Later this afternoon I'm scheduled to take a class at Kirkwood Knittery on reading Japanese Knitting Patterns. The class is being taught by Takako from Habu. I'm excited.
oh, and it's so late this afternoon that dh has decided to get a cab back from the airport - he's returning from yet another week overseas. I won't be able to pick him up at 5:30 because I'll be knitting! How's that for an understanding hubby?


wendy said...

your jacket & dress fabrics are so pretty! i love those shades... so autumnal :)

knittinbrit_in_wi said...

As always, beautiful work! I love the sweater, love it!!! Looking forward to seeing it finished. Don't worry about when you started it, the point is you're finishing it. It gives us all hope that we can too will one day finish our UFO's.

The class sounds great. Marina sent me a Japanese pattern book earlier this year, which I've slowly been writing a pattern out to follow for one of the designs. have a great book that helped with the chart reading, will look up the name and forward it to you.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I love the match on the jacket! You are going to have a very lovely wardrobe...soon!

paco peralta said...

Hi Marji .- delighted to read you and see you. Purple rain, purple rain, as I said Prince. I love the fabric of this jacket., And you did a great job. A hug for you.

Anonymous said...

Spectacular, Marji! And what great color choices.

Anonymous said...

I am SO glad you have your mojo back to sew for yourself!
I anticipate enjoying the progress as much as you will enjoy wearing it!


Beth H said...

Very nice! I love the jacket and adore the knitted sweater!

Carrie K said...

I love that felted jacket and you've lined it up brilliantly! The sweater is going to be gorgeous when you finish it. The one nice thing - it's almost done!

Mardel said...

Oh, those are all so lovely. You are going to have such a gorgeous group of beautiful things to wear. So happy that you have got the desire to sew for yourself back.

Shannon said...

Everything is so gorgeous. If you hear a noise late tonight, it's me sneaking in to run way with all your fab new clothes! Actually, I think I'll wait a few days for you to finish up the pants and the sweater, then I'll come steal them all! ;)

Dana said...

I love that collection! Can't wait to see the swirl dress.

Michelle said...

That jacket is gorgeous, and the matching of the pattern is perfect. I love the coordinating fabrics, I can't wait to see the dress. Beautiful coordinates, just gorgeous!

Cindy said...

I love your purple and wish I could knit as well as you!

gwensews said...

Your jacket is stunning! It will look terrific swith that bundt orange skirt. Very nice job.

Linda said...

Your jacket is perfect! Loving this wardrobe plan.

Patricia said...

Gorgeous jacket and the match job is wonderful. The other pieces look great, too. Love the textures.

kbenco said...

Beautiful clothes. The pattern match is so good it is scary.

Bunny said...

Beautiful coordinates!

Claudine said...

Gorgeous jacket! Great fabric and great pattern matching.

Vicki said...

How gorgeous is that jacket fabric? Glad you are doing the SWAP - lots of yummy things for us to see :)