Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sewing Bag and travel supplies

CarlaF commented
Looks like fun! One question, in the pictures, are you using a scrapbook bag to store your notions?

No, The bag I use is one specifically made for sewing gear and was made for BabyLock. About 6 years ago I took some training from Tacony on Babylock machines because at the time I was working and teaching in a store that sold BabyLock machines. The gift from Tacony to all who were taking the training was this bag. Amazingly, it's taken me until this trip to take the bag out of the packaging and fill it up. I really like having everything contained in one bag. The pics I took and put on flickr were really bad but I did that because I was putting it in checked luggage and I wanted a record of sorts of what was in it.
This is what the organizer looks like opened up. There is a back zip pocket that is perfect for full size patterns and a front pocket that will handle wider things. There is also a carry strap that I haven't hooked on - I have enough to carry over my shoulder without adding this heavy bag.

The closest I've been able to find on the net is this bag by Bluefig Notions

MeredithP wrote
So as you discuss your project, what kind of sewing gear did you have to take?
As you can see above, all the regular sewing tools.
I carried 4 pair of sheers. No rotary cutter, there aren't any mats nor room to use them.
It is not necessary to carry a machine, there are machines in the classroom. But, as I had visions of sewing in the room in the evenings and wanted a machine I knew, I did carry my Singer Featherweight. It fit in my regular carryon luggage. Heavy though.

My list to go looked like this:
  • Notions bag packed with everything from marking tools to thread, needles, pins, measuring tools etc.
  • muslin
  • sheets of wax tracing paper
  • pattern
  • fashion fabric, underlining fabric, interfacing, lining, fur
I'd planned to buy a separating zipper for my project while in NYC.
You are expected to have your initial muslin done before getting to class, and are emailed directions on how to construct it. I carried muslin with me and tracing paper as I didn't make my muslin until I was at Cidell's.
I also had grand visions of getting a lot else done, so I carried WAY too much.
  1. Like the houndstooth jacket to fit - (never opened the bag except to show the project to Mardel, Robin and Carolyn.)
  2. And the red silk dress that needs finishing that Susan was going to hand place the draped chiffon hipswags for me - never got opened.
  3. and the brown wool yardage and pattern that I thought I'd make a skirt from to go with my class project jacket - in that nighttime that I wasn't sleeping (ha!)
  4. And the purple skirt which needs the lining inserted and hemming, and the purple pants which need hemming, and...you get the idea.
See the list of expectations on the previous post - Don't expect to go home with a finished project, there just isn't time. So why I thought there would be time for all these other things too, I'm baffled.

You can get by with the notions you need to sew and the fabric and supplies you need for your project.
aurelia.donka said...

ACK! I just saw a pic of you and Robin at Mood where you are holding a piece of red and white striped fabric I've been looking for. Would you mind e-mailing back the fabric info so I can call Mood and have some shipped out?

Aurelia, if you change your profile settings on blogger it'll give a reply address when you write a comment rather than "no-reply blogger" on the id info. The way it is, your profile is hidden so it's impossible to find if you have a blog, and there is no email information. (Your address won't show to anyone except the blogger where you left the comment, and then only if they get comments by email.)

That stripe you inquired about is a rayon jersey and is really a deep deep cranberry, not red.


meredithp said...

I love that you took your Featherweight. They are wonderful. So you did sew at night?

I have a similar bag for sewing machine accessories and notions (with the zippered pages). I have a page for each machine, including MY Featherweight, since the feet are all different. When I'm hope, the "pages" will fit in a drawer.

meredithp said...

When I'm "hope" Sheesh! Home! Although I "hope" I get to sew often.

BTW I got my sewing bag from Nancy's Notions, but I can't find it on her website, so it may be discontinued. It was called "Nancy's Essential Tote".

Carrie K said...

That's a pretty organized bag! And don't we all plan on finishing more than humanly possible?

Lori said...

Very nice bag, thanks for the information about the class and all you took

Nancy K said...

It was only 4 days Marji, not 2 weeks! I am eagerly awaiting your finished jacket. I do have a question about your fitting session with Kenneth. You showed horizontal red lines where he made tucks. How do you transfer that to the pattern. In other words, where do you remove fabric for it.

Audrey said...

I am enjoying reading about your sewing related travels. Thanks for the link to BlueFig. Their notions tote bag would make a perfect gift for a sewing buddy.

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