Sunday, November 01, 2009

Sewing Going On (knock me over with a feather)

Burda 09-2009-110

I'm slowly getting my sewing mojo back. That is, my sewing mojo to sew for myself.
I'm just going to say this to get it out of the way, then we can move on....
I haven't sewn for myself in any significant way in over 2 years, mostly because I was really unhappy with my weight. I know - sew for the body you have, yada blah blah etc...
But the truth is, I didn't, didn't want to, just didn't. I got a significant amount of sewing done, from home dec sewing for the boat and house to sewing a Mother of the Bride dress for my BFF, to all the sewing I did for the girls and for my sister.
Well, finally, last April I got off my tush and did something about the weight. It's a slow process. I'm working out, and eating better. Nothing more fancy or complicated than that. So far I'm down a little more than 20 lbs but not quite 25 lbs. That's a depressingly slow 3 lbs/month. I've got more to go. But I'm finally at a weight where I can bear making clothes for me.
re: the few things I did make for myself, it's all too big. Way too big. See end of post for the pic of what's gone to the Goodwill.

Meanwhile, I'm developing a healthy dose of sympathy for those who don't know what size to choose when starting to sew. Even though I measured, and I know I've lost weight, evidently I couldn't wrap my head around the fact that I need to cut a smaller size.
I cut the largest size Burda publishes, and added 1" side seam sm allowances.
after several on-and-off adjustments during a fitting phase, I ended up moving the pleats over 3/8" in front, taking a deeper dart in back and taking 2" seam allowances on the side seams. I didn't need to take it in quite so much at the hip as the waist, but I traced the waist 2 sizes smaller.

For the fitting I stitched on a Petersham ribbon at the waistline, just so that I wasn't dealing with a waistline that wanted to stretch. Here is a washed out photo of the skirt as it is now.

You can just see the white basting lines holding the pocket closed on the right.
Now I've got to add the lining. Fortunately I didn't cut that out Wednesday when I cut out the skirt. The lining is cut on a fold and eliminates the pleat fullness. I've also got to use a bit of the leftover scraps to cut out some belt loops.
I have a piece of cotton that I'd like to make a shirt out of to go with this.
I played with images yesterday (or was it Friday?) after work. Mostly I was trying to see if I could make it work to use the gathered front blouse over this pleated front. I don't think so. I wanted it to be my test blouse before cutting into a piece of purple silk. Not going to go.
But, what do you think about the ruffle collar one? Cidell made it quite awhile back and challenged me to make it to try to figure out that facing. I'm only a little late... ;)


I did mention an incident about the plaid last post didn't I?
Well, I was saved by a very kind lady in this area who gave up a part of her piece to save my skirt. I'll write about it tomorrow, and post the rest of the pics, but here's a teaser.

And while we're on the topic of major blunders, in knitting news:

"to save time, take the time to knit a gauge swatch"
hmmm, Yup.

'nuff said.

And, say bye bye - it's all gone to Goodwill. (well, the red maxi is still on the bed in the guest room, await the fate)


AllisonC said...

Congratulations on your weight loss, though it is a shame you had to lose those gorgeous garments in the process. I absolutely love that shirt pattern and think I must make it every time I go through my back issues so I think you should go for it.

Sue said...

I really get that - I didn't sew for myself (or buy much for myself) for years when I carried more weight than I was comfortable with. Well done on your weight loss to date - don't worry about how 'slow' it is - it is more likely to stay off that way. Lovely skirt!

linda said...

I completely understand the lacvk of mojo due to sizing. I lost 40 pounds last year and after a year find 10 pounds hav crept back on despite my exercising and following my weight watcher (although I admit not a strictly as I did when going to the meetings). I have been frustrated over the whole loss/gain adventure becuase when fat I knew what I needed to add and where.. now I feel like it's a crap shoot! It's too large... too snug..... Yes, sew for the body you have is good advice. I wonder if anyone enjoys following it! I am trying to adapt a new philosophy.... embrace your 46 year old curves! Easier said than done! Anyway... Congrats ont eh weight loss. Looking forward to following your adventure! Blessings- linda

Audrey said...

Here's a pat on the back for losing that weight. I know it can be a challenge. I managed to drop my spare tire this spring through a lot of hard work; exercise and controlled food servings. But I sense I cannot slack up or it will come right back. Some Goodwill shopper is going to get some very nice clothes. The red and white maxi dress is one of my favorites. I really like the colors and mix of fabrics.

I have always liked that Burda ruffle neck blouse pattern, though I have never made it. The other patterns would work well too. The colors in the skirt are very pretty.

Mardel said...

Congratulations on the weight loss and the return of the sewing mojo. I understand completely about the 25 - 20 pound thing. I lost 25 then have been hovering back and forth at around 22 pounds. Bummer.

I am completely jealous about your waist though. Enjoy and show it off.

Dana said...

Save the red dress!!

Great job on the weight loss!

Summerset said...

Congrats on the weight loss! It sounds like your confidence level is back up and you definitely deserve some new stuff that fits right. The skirt is a great design and the fabric is really great for fall weather.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

So on a totally different note from the commenters above...ummmm yeah this is why I'm NOT losing a lot of weight! I have way too much time and fabric invested in my present wardrobe to start this process all over again! *LOL*

They called a meeting to talk about the Dress Code at work this morning and I almost fainted thinking that they were going to change it! Thank God they didn't but can you imagine?! WTH would I wear! *LOL*

Carrie K said...

Congratulations on the weight loss and the return of the mojo! I understand completely about not wanting to sew for the body that you do have but don't want to keep!

Gauge swatch? What is this thing? lol.

Oooh. My word verification is "scones". Yum.

donyale said...

Go Marji Go Marji - whooooot - well done and all the kudos from far far away....and I'm thinking that you should totally keep the red dress. I am sure you know someone ;} who could take it in.

Christina said...

Well there's always great new fabric out there so your wardrobe for your new body will be just as fabulous as the one that's gone to Goodwill :)