Saturday, March 28, 2009

tick tock tick tock

I will admit to a bit of panic.
I just added a ticker bar to the header on this blog. When I consider how long this adventure has been a dream, something in the planning stages, the reality of the beginning is mind-boggling.

Originally I began this blog as a way to document the reduction of my stash as I prepared to go live on a boat.
Along the way I've met many wonderful women, some who've become online friends, others who've crossed the internet barrier to become IRL friends too. And I've become a more and less active member of creative online communities including Stitchers Guild, Pattern Review, and Ravelry.
and along with that, I've learned all about the joys of the availability of EVERY kind of fabric and yarn possible, just by the click of a button. So the inherent tendency I had to buy extraordinary pieces of fabric when I saw them, because I might never see them again, turned into a problem.

It's taken a lot of time to turn the prism and view the situation of buying fabrics differently. Now the axiom is "there will always be more fabric [yarn]".
Meanwhile, my stash has grown, not shrunk, even though I've managed to get a lot of sewing and knitting done in the last several years.

oh boy. Now reality sets in.
Timetables - I thought about 3 tickers, but just couldn't go there yet.
Launch: tentatively set for May 15
Next wedding: Mark and Megan, Sept 19
List the house for sale: tentatively shooting for Oct 15.


to do:
  • prior to launch -
  1. get the boat cushions recovered
  2. organize everything here that is going to the boat for the first two week sail. Fortunately we have all summer to move things to the boat and figure out what is going to work on board and what isn't. But there are certain things I need to have on board from day 1.
I had been considering just taking some pots and pans from the kitchen, but an argument has been made that is convincing me to try out one of the nesting sets. I like to cook. this is no secret. I abhor crappy cookware. Until this week I thought all nesting cookware sets were of the variety found in the section with campstoves, made from lightweight tin. Not on my boat.
Well, I just found out that Cuisinart and Magma both make cookware sets just for our situation. Right now I'm leaning towards the Cuisinart. I like the two size saute pans and only one saucepan, as opposed to the multiple saucepans and only one saute included in the Magma set. I've also read in reviews from other boaters that the lack of lids is a real drawback to the Magma set. I'm thinking there's an online purchase coming up soon that doesn't involve fiber.

Magma on left, Cuisinart on right

  • Prior to the wedding - lots left to do, I'll find out more about my role in 2 weeks when Mark and Megan are here for Easter.

  • Prior to listing the house. oh my achin' head
  1. repaint the primary living areas and the girls room
  2. finish all window treatments
  3. get Cherry floors refreshed, if not refinished.
  4. and for what you're interested in - brutally assessing what I can keep, and what I need to let go of. This is where some of the destash is going to come in. oy.
so, I'm going to now use this blog to keep myself on track while that ticker ticks down.
It probably won't be really interesting to watch me tick off items from a list - but do stay tuned if you're interested in the destash to come.

Friday, March 27, 2009

update and progress

First, Many thank you's to Summerset and Carolyn for naming me in the sisterhood award.
I'm so grateful for the internet friends I've made in the last several years.
My blog time right now is extremely limited - but I promise it won't always be this way.
I'm going to pass that award along, and also try to express what the friendship of so many flung so far has meant to me as I've become a part of this creative on-line community.
Think I'll do like Carolyn does, and write it out long-hand while on slow time at work, then just be able to come to the computer to type it. So look for it this week.

Meanwhile, I do have some progress to report and some knitting to show off.
Sorry, no sewing pics. I mean really, as I said to Mardel yesterday, who wants to look at photos of drapery panels?

Hugs to all of you out there.

A really quick Update/and explanation for why I've been off-line off-blog for so long.
I've been working more hours, with no internet access at work, and have been using the time before and after work to get some projecting done. I try to knit an hour to 1.5 hours in the AM, then another hour or two before bed. The day off I have here and there, that I'm not teaching, I've been sewing home dec.
I've also been teaching on weekends. Fun, and I like teaching, but it does cut into my own time.

Update sewing:(in red)
  • slipcovers for cushions to make for the entire boat. That will take 4 weeks of dedicated sewing when I'm not at work. My deadline on those is May 1.measured/figured/ready to cut on Sunday
  • drapery panels and valances for the master bedroom. Finished panels, hung them, still need to make swag valance
  • drapery panels for the dining room - 2 are pleated, 2 are on sewing machine table downstairs ready to pleat - making progress!
  • padded cornice board cover for ds#1. finished
  • Swag valance for Kitchen French doors and window over sink. Fabric is cut, ready to sew. haven't touched this yet!
  • Amy Butler Weekender bag. haven't touched it

knitting update:

St Enda

cast on Feb 20, finished knitting 2nd sleeve March 22. Needs sewing together and neck band knit. I'm very disappointed in the dye lots in the Fishermans Yarn from Lion Brand. It goes from cream to yellow back to creamy white, all in the same skein.

Pattern: Kashmir by Dale of Norway. - still in same state it was in last blog post.

Wakame - ripped out when I figured out I didn't have enough yarn. It was going to be short, no sleeves, and I still risked running out - so I frogged it.
The other pattern that I'd really like to make from that issue is the Apres Surf Hoodie
Cast on March 22.
Yarn: Rowan Cashsoft 4ply purchased 3 or 4 years ago from CucumberPatch
I used the provisional cast on and knit in the hem, rather than using the I-cord bind off the pattern calls for. I really like the knit on hem.

Also I could not resist casting on another mitten, so middle of last week I got out one of the Rhiivilla kits and cast on the rose mittens. Aren't they just gorgeous?

must leave for work now, out with dh tonight, teach tomorrow, Work on cushions all day Sunday, back to work Monday.