Monday, May 18, 2009


Before we left I did a bit more sewing for the boat.
The drawing above gives the dimensions for the pullman berth in the master cabin. Ever tried making a bed with square/rectangle sheets when the bed is built in and of weird dimensions?
I decided that I needed to make "fitted" sheets.

I began with a fitted sheet for a queen size bed, and opened up the fitted corners. Then I found I needed to add back some of what had been cut out of the corners when the rectangle was made. So I did that, then cut the sheet to the dimensions I needed to fit the mattress, plus 6" all the way around to fold around and under.
I don't have pics, but next I used the serger to apply the elastic to the corners and ends, and it worked like a charm. Best of all, the sheets are a perfect fit.
Now I need to go return the mattress pad I bought and exchange it for one of the more padded "feather-bed" ones. Then I'll go through the same exercise as above to fit it to the berth.

And, As the ticker up top indicates, it's past launch day and we're in the water!
A pictorial story follows. Last up is the seagull who's taken up residence on the piling straight across the dock, Keeping watch on our boat. I think he was really just waiting to see if we'd feed him some of the crackers and cheese we were sampling in the cockpit.
BTW folks, it's still bloody cold up there. When we woke up on the boat yesterday AM it was 52F in the cabin of the boat, and 40 F outside.