Friday, January 01, 2010

2009, It's a Wrap

Looking Back

The years projects in review, many of which I never blogged about.
notable are a few projects:
In January I draped a design for my friend to wear as Mother of the Bride and then made the suit from a black/silver/grey silk dupioni.

In the spring I made slipcovers for the cabin settee for the boat - 13 in all. I blogged about it here.

Over the summer I made the veil and beaded the edges for my son's bride. Beaded veil. I also did the alterations for the bridesmaids and bridal dresses. Doesn't feel like much of an accomplishment, but it needed doing.

Just last month I made the comforter and pillow shams for our master bedroom. I chose a home dec fabric, seamed it to the correct size and sent it out to a commercial quilter to outline quilt the pattern. Then I got it back and put a lip cord around the perimeter and then hemmed the spread, and made euro-shams.

I got some clothes made for my sister - I can think of 2 pair of pants, 2 skirts, and a dress. I also made a twirl top and pant set for my neice. And I made a bare minimum of clothes for myself.

I did better accomplishment-wise in the needlework dept. I finished my daughter-in-laws needlepoint stocking, needlepoint 09

and lately I've been finishing up the knitting UFO's. In December I managed to finish up 6 sweaters. I have pictures of 5 of them. I need to get pics of the black cardi.
My creation

1. St Enda complete Dec 2009 (2), 2. colchique irlandais (1), 3. 2009-12-20 17.49.03, 4. Dec 2009 092, 5. Dickinson Dec 2009, 6. Progress on Drops cardi

Coming up: Moving forward in 2010, the goals and the plans. Top of which is finishing the jacket started at the Sit and Sew in NYC in November and SWAP


Faye Lewis said...

Great 2009 accomplishments.

knittinbrit_in_wi said...

We're obviously doing the same thing tonight. I just finished posting, and saw that you had posted on your blog two minutes before.

You really did accomplish a huge amount this year. You continue to impress me with your many talents. One of my favorite items you made this year was the red/white sundress you have a picture of in your mosaic. You look stunning in it and the dress is just beautiful.

Happy New Year. Hopefully we'll get together sometime this year.

JenSA said...

Some great work this year, I especially love the knitting, wish I could be so productive in that area.

Elaray said...

I love the way the comforter and pillow shams were quilted. I may use that idea for the bed in my sewing room.

Digs said...

Wow, you are productive - AND so generous to those around you. Love your knitting, love the bedcoverings. Happy New Year, may it be wonderful for you and yours!

Shannon said...

What a productive year you had - excellent recap of 2009! Happy New Year - all the best for a wonderful 2010!

Mardel said...

What a productive year. Love the recap and all the beautiful work you do. Happy New Year!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

For someone who spent the summer on the boat and had quite a few major happenings this did alot done!

Happy new Year!

Lindsay T said...

Ditto what Carolyn said. You accomplished a heck of a lot, Marji. All beautiful, too.

Rose said...

I always am impressed by how much you can accomplish and the quality of it all. Happy New Year!!

Summerset said...

That's a lot of lovely things! Considering the boat launch and all, you've made some really great things, especially those sweaters.