Tuesday, January 05, 2010

January, week 1

Yesterdays project
more below
Exercise +check. Actually, I'm feeling pretty good about where I am right now. I got on the scale this AM (before going to the gym) and found that I'm only up 3 lbs from November 1st. That's not too bad considering all the holiday travel and eating out we did. And the fact that my workout program went to hell in a handbasket.

Cleaning - yeah, well. Funniest comment I got after the last post was from Rose, who asked if I plan to continue the hour a day cleaning after the house is sold. ... I wrote back Are you Kidding?

First project on my worktable this year is a pair of pants to wear with the Elizabeth I sweater that I finally finished last month. I got these pants cut out before we went north the day after Christmas, but didn't get to sewing them up.
Last year I was gifted a gorgeous piece of Georgio Armani wool twill. Don't you just love those selvages with the woven in information? Wouldn't it be nice to find a way to use it in the garment?

I'm using a pant pattern I've made up 3 times already, albeit in a smaller size (Yay!). Vogue 1059, an Alice and Olivia pant.
Yesterday I started by putting in the pockets using the Kenneth King grosgrain ribbon method. (see pic up top for the basic elements of the pocket). He demonstrated this method at the sit and sew in NYC in November, and it's also very well illustrated with step by step directions in his book Cool Couture. It was just as easy as he made it look, and they do turn out picture perfect.

notice that the pocket bag has a stay that goes all the way to the waistband. That helps a lot to keep the back pocket from drooping.

Then I opened the zipper package to put in the zipper. Notice the staple smack dab in the middle of the invisible zipper teeth? Sigh. I was without a car yesterday and didn't have means to go to a store to get a different zipper. You just know that if I use that zipper it'll fail right where the staple has been.
I expect to finish these pants this afternoon, or maybe tomorrow AM.
I know, it's not a SWAP garment. But in keeping with my finishing policy, I wanted these off the worktable and finished Before I cut out my first SWAP garment.
I said dress for this week - but you know, it's pretty darn cold out. I'm thinking I might just start with a pant. We'll see what I feel like cutting after I finish with the white.


On track there too. I cast on mitten #2 Sunday. It has a lined cuff, so the first 23 rows are just the plain white knit in stockinette. Last night I finished the cuff patterning and turned that white section down and knit it into the inside of the cuff. I'm actually 1/2 way up the first rose repeat. I might just yet get to wearing these next week.

So, this Is the first week in January. How are you doing on those resolutions you've made?


Connie B said...

I love the way you set your post up! Good luck with your 1 hour plan. I think it is an excellent idea!!

JenSA said...

That pocket does look perfect. I've only ever made one welt pocket, but love the look, so hope to make many more.

knittinbrit_in_wi said...

Sounds like you're right on track. You'll easily have those mittens done.

I'm doing pretty good with the goals so far, but it's early!

NGLaLALa said...

Ahhh!!! Perfect pocket!!

Summerset said...

So far, it looks good for both of us! The Armani fabric looks luscious.

BetsyV said...

That ivory/white wool is GORGEOUS! If only I was a gracefule enough eater to wear that kind of thing .

I have used the selvedge edge as the inside of the waistband when it had interesting information. Is it too late to cut a new waistband?

Trudy Callan said...

You are having a great start of the new year.

gwensews said...

Winter white pants will be glorious! Resolutions--I make none because I never keep them.

Nancy K said...

I have an earlier version of KK's book and he doesn't have the welts in it, but I do have an old Threads article with it. I had totally forgotten about this method until you mentioned it. I'll have to dig out the article. I don't know why I stopped doing it this way because they are easy.
Your mittens are going to be gorgeous.

Bunny said...

I think every wardrobe needs a pair of winter white pants. Yours are looking gorgeous and I can't wait to see the finished product.

Mardel said...

I love winter white pants and those are going to be gorgeous. You are making good progress. Love the mittens too.

Elle said...

Perfect pocket and gorgeous mittens! My resolutions were much more vague, and therefore, I think I'm doing pretty good. ;)

Lindsay T said...

The only resolution I made for 2010 was to eat more vegetarian, at least 80 percent of the time. Kinda getting there. No sewing resolutions, though I feel I need to set some goals to keep honing my skills.

Love how the white pants are going.

Sigrid said...

I tried KK's method once with good results too. White wool: wonderful fabric.

Good luck with the time management. Didn't take any resolutions, but I could do with better time management.

Rose said...

Whew! At least you are mortal like most of us when it comes to cleaning! Now, sewing and knitting are something else. Those winter white pants are looking awesome. I know that I have Kenneth King's new book SOMEWHERE. I must dig it up and USE it. I love the mittens. It's so cold in Florida now that I'd like to wear them to bed. Brrrr. As for my 2010 goals, I'm working on them and WILL continue to do so during the year. I like having some direction in my "flakey" life.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Gorgeous welts! (Now that is something that could be totally misunderstood in another context). I made no resolutions, luckily. `-)

Michelle said...

Those pants are going to be gorgeous. And the welt pockets are flawless. It would definitely be accurate to say that I have "welt envy" ;). Good luck with the house.