Saturday, January 09, 2010

January - Week One wrap up

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Exercise/Weight - I've lost the holiday weight so don't need to adjust my little tracker up there. Now I just need to continue to lose the rest of it. As far as exercise, unfortunately I haven't gotten my formal workouts in everyday, but I have been up and down stairs and lifted and hauled enough stuff to count for at least 2 workouts. See below.

Well, this week cleaning has taken a front seat to everything else.
Not necessarily cleaning as in scrubbing floors and toilets, although there has been that, but I've begun the process of cleaning out the sewing studio, in preparation for dismantling. I'm about half way through. All I've tackled so far is the fabric.
First pass through I've organized the fashion fabrics and picked out what I can easily (or less easily) let go of. Much of that has been boxed up to get donated. The pic up top is what I'm left with. Still way more than I can use immediately.
What I Know I won't get sewn up in the immediate future went into a trunk and a suitcase designated to go to my mom's house in South Carolina for storage that I can access.
This is what is left on the shelves. (The side unit is empty and ready to remove or accept boxes, whatever I decide to do with it in the next week.)
That big thing sticking out in front on the bottom shelf is quilt batting, also designated to get donated. All the stuff up top is home dec fabric and I have (had) high hopes of getting some Amy Butler bags made. It's all expendable in the scheme of things.

This one shelf holds all the fabric that I think I can get made up in the near future. On the right are my Blue/Black swap fabrics,
on the left are the fabrics for an alternative Swap - my 'Oh Say Can You See SWAP
Get it? All red white and blue - mostly cottons.
I even made up a plan.
OhSayCanYouSee SWAP

And lastly, this stack on the left are my "Hope to get to" fabrics. They would be great for lake wear this summer too. All I need is time.

We have two showings today on the house, so I'll not get to showing pics of sewing from this week until tomorrow, or maybe even Monday. But, I have two skirts and the white pants to show. Yippee!

Can I just make a recommendation if you're newer to sewing? Don't deliberately build a stash. Don't set out to store fabrics. A bit of a stash will grow organically just by virtue of the fact that you won't get everything done you plan to, but don't deliberately set out to build a stash. I see posts all the time on Pattern Review with people asking what to buy to build a stash. This is overwhelming to me. And, I think it's become oppressive and weight on my mind, stifling a bit of creativity. Because I have so much to get done, I choose what I can get done quickly rather than what might take a long time but be fabulous. Or I start something and when I see how it's turning out, the creative part is done and so I move on to something else, creating a prodigious amount of UFO's (which is another problem altogether).
Yet, I love some of it so much, it hurts to let it go and even in a way to store it. I've catalogued what I've put into the trunk, and next week I'll total the yardage and see what I've got, but I just know it's ridiculous.

need thumbs

P.S. I do have to go do a quick blitz through the house prior to this mornings showings, but next week look for the start of some give-aways.
As everyone else is doing, to be eligible you must be a follower and comment on the post with the giveaway. In the works are notions, books, and some fun gadgets. Oh, and probably a bit of yarn.


Nancy K said...

Sigh. Your nice, neat studio makes me remember that cleaning mine is on my list.
Good luck with the sale.

Rose said...

I continue to be impressed with your accomplishments. Yep, I am having guilt pangs about my large, disorganized stash. I love my stash, don't know how it got so fat, and know I must organize and part with some of it. You have wise stash advice for beginners. I hope the house sells today so you can stop all that cleaning!

Julie said...

I did my sewing space cleanup on New Year's weekend. It took me all day and I was physically exhausted. I don't think people who set out to make a stash understand. It really does stifle your creativity, it overwhelms you and your home, and your pile of UFOs grows. I stopped myself from buying fabric 3 times last week. Kudos to you for having the courage to donate fabrics. I'm still working on that....

gaylen said...

Good luck with the house on the market. I hope things move at the perfect pace for you and that being "listed" doesn't affect your creativity.

Love, love, love the mittens. What beautiful knitting you do. g

gwensews said...

I have fabric that is 15 years old. I don't know why I insist on keeping it. Surely, if I haven't sewn it by now, I won't. Still, there's that little voice telling me that as soon as I let it go, I'll find the perfet pattern to go with it!

Gigi said...

You are so organized! I love my stash. I didn't set out to grow it but, there it is!

Your mittens are TDF. I am so impressed with your knitting. I guess as long as I live in south Florida I'll never progress much past the occasional scarf.

Lorraine said...

Marji- Hindsight is 20/20.

I have a quilt fabric stash, but it's not out of control. The yarn, well, that's another story.

Best of luck on your house sale.

Jenny said...

Beautiful mittens for a snowy January! I remember the day I turned around and realized I'd developed a fabric stash, never ever meaning to. Then it grew to proportions I'm not comfortable with, so only stash sewing this year (well, almost only). It helped me curb my buying to write down all the fabrics I already had and wanted to sew in a season and realize there's NO way that was all going to get done. My mantra is "there will always be more beautiful fabric..." :-)

Claudia said...

Congratulations on your efforts. A word to the stash builders and retainers. Our time on earth here is limited and in time we each will go. As President of an ASG chapter we receive the stash from guild and non-guild members from their survivors. We put what we can to good use for community service projects AND THEN SELL THE REST AT $1.00 A YARD!!! I am working to cull my stash down to a non-embarrassing size - don't want to have anyone have to bring it in by van.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I think its apropo that my comment follows Gigi since I too love my collection and would never consider parting with it. It doesn't hinder my creativity at all and actually contributes to it. I guess what I don't understand is UFO mentality...I don't have but one or two unfinished projects and never have more than that 'cause I can't stand to have those projects hanging around.

However, you did an amazing job of cleaning the studio in such a short period of are in my thoughts!

ACorgiHouse said...

I love mine as well, but I recently found myself emailing a favorite e-retailer and apologizing for not buying from their last several sales! I never set out to build either, and I love what I have and know every piece and where it came from. I can't believe people buy just to buy something, but I see the "intentional stashing" as well. Good advice. K

fabricfan said...

I am very impressed with how much you can accomplish in a week. The fabric sorting is the hardest. Your swap ideas are great.

Mardel said...

Wow, you have done so much, and I am amazed. Having just spent time organizing my own stash I am very very impressed. I never set out to have a stash either, and would never intentionally build one. I'm kind of on the fence here, I love my stash, but at the moment it is a bit overwhelming as I bought a lot in the recent past when I couldn't sew. It wasn't that I didn't mean to sew, but I was fooling myself. That particular stash-weight is a little heavy at the moment.

Your swap plans are fabulous, and I love those mittens.

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Housing cleaning for a showing is really so much work. I feel what you are going through and hope you sell quickly!

I have been looking for a larger tailor ham for quite some time now, and I noticed in one of your pictures it appears you have one that looks larger than mine, the pink/blue plaid one. I don't suppose you remember where you purchased it or if you have seen any like it around???? :) Thank you.

BeeBee said...

Ahhh, now I understand your comment to my Contest posting. Maybe I'll let you win, just so I can see what I get.
I don't envy cleaning for house showing, it's hard work and even harder keeping it that way for continuing showings. Good luck on selling it.

Cindy Ann said...

I culled and organized my sewing room this weekend too. (Haven't lost the holiday weight yet, so your one up there) My stash seems to get smaller each year. I'm not sure that's a good thing because sometimes when I shop it I can't find anything I want to use. Adorable mittens, BTW.

Stash said...

I am taking to heart your comments about accumulating stash. I see the wisdom of your words. Your 1 hour plan is so ambitious it makes me tired. hehehe Hope your showings go well today.

knittinbrit_in_wi said...

Here! Here! on the stash building of any kind. I, too, am working on a destash. I feel completely burdened by it, rather than empowered.

Mittens look great!

Bunny said...

Congratulations on dealing with your abondonza! I faced a similar challenge when we moved 5 years ago. Every piece I moved and touched got asked, "will I really sew this piece of fabric, ever?" It made the whittling down quite easy from that point of view.
I so agree with you about stash building. I see no reason to build a stash of fabrics. Fabrics are like rodents, multiplying while we aren't looking. And doesn't it seem that no matter what is in or how large the stash, we still need to buy the perfect fabric for the next garment.

Linda said...

Inspiring accomplishments for the first full week of the new year! I appreciate your stash comments and understand it must be painful to give it away considering the investment. Something to seriously consider; I am going to try to not buy anything I cannot sew this year because I inadvertently created quite a stash over the past two years, a beautiful stash but really too much to justify continued spending on new fabrics until I make a good dent in it. Linda

willowsmum said...

I have got one ottoman filled with fabric and I haven't got the space or the money for any more...I just drool over fabrics but I don't buy. I have a few rules for myself and I try not to cross the line. It would put me off my sewing if I thought I had to sew to get rid of fabric....I think you are quite right to advise new sewers not to accumulate too many fabrics.
I love your mittens, I had some when I was very small.....they remind me of being young because my Mother and my Grandma were beautiful knitters...I really am amazed at your knitting skill, I know how difficult it is and how much concentration it takes for these fairisle patterns.
I hope you are lucky enough to sell your house quickly.

Sigrid said...

You did a lot! Great result on organizing and cleaning. Hope you sell your house soon.
Nice plan too, I especially like the Marfy patterns you plan to use.

Elle said...

I don't understand stash building mentality either. Not that I don't have one, but every bit of fabric has a project in mind. I just don't always get to those projects. I've also had periods in my life where I've just gotten rid of the whole lot and started over.

Lindsay T said...

I totally agree with you on stash building. Quality lining fabrics on sale are worth stashing, since they never go out of style, but many fabrics age, no matter how gorgeous we first thought they were. Plus I just don't have the room for a stash.

Vicki said...

Good luck with the house sale. Keeping it tidy for showings is such a paid...I remember it well. As for Stash, I brought mine with me but it is still in boxes in the garage!

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