Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Back to regularly scheduled programming

Phase One of retiring to the boat is complete. We’ve successfully closed the sale of the house in St Louis and moved out.

Now I’m going to separate the blog content again, and keep this to the original intent, and that is to devote this space to Fiberarts.

All the lifestyle content will be available over at www.svfarniente.blogspot.com

So I may have mentioned that I injured my shoulder/back/neck while slamming in all the packing and moving. All that tension transferred down to my left arm and hand, and has seriously affected my ability to hold a needle.

What to do? Read?….yeah, well, if I were reading anything of substance that might be satisfactory. But I’ve read enough fiction in the last week that reads like Made-for-TV movies that I’m done with that for awhile. I need to create.

I may have mentioned a little over a year ago that I picked up a Bond Sweater Machine (knitting machine) on ebay. It stayed in the original packing until this week. I just never opened it.

Why? I don’t know. Anyway, I opened it several days ago and began reading the directions, and knit up a sample using the Spinnerin Wintuk acrylic yarn that came with it….gives you an idea how old this thing is!

It’s soooo easy, and honestly, it’s FUN! Unless I get into a lot of fuss and bother it only knits stockinette. That’s ok though.

Yesterday I set up the machine and knit the skirt portion of this darling little dress. Took it off the machine and transferred it to needles to hand knit the skirt border and the bodice. Set up to take off time: about 2 hours. And that’s because I had some challenges getting the first row to knit. I expect it’ll take me 6 hours or more to knit the rest of it by hand.

Pattern by Minnow Knits, Sunflower #186

Yarn – Luscious by Kollage, 63% cotton 37% nylon elastic.


Teddylyn said...

I usually just lurk, but congrats on the sale and relocation! You will settle down to a schedule and routine soon.

I'm jealous that you mastered the Bond machine so quickly. I have one and I've never figured it out. I wish I loved closer so I could observe you using yours!

Enjoy your new adventure!

Lynda in LV

Mom said...

What a darling dress for Baby Girl Ryan!
Love, Mom

Mardel said...

OH I'm jealous now, but that is just because I just finished what seemed like miles of stockinette. Not really, only 14 inches. But wow.

Congratulations on knitting again, and having a little girl to knit for.

Lorraine said...

Marji- I haven't seen a Minnowknits pattern in a long time- but they are so cute.

Are you having fun with the machine?

Jen said...

I've always wanted a knitting machine. But I suppose I should rather spend my cash on a better sewing machine.
Congrats on the sale, move and general lifestyle change.

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