Thursday, April 01, 2010

Progress and Evaluation on the Minnow Knits dress in Luscious by Kollage

I think this is going to be relegated to the “experiment but not good enough to keep” pile.

I thought I was using the smallest plate in the knitting machine, but it turns out there is one smaller. The stockinette portion of the dress is just too loose, and consequently also terribly uneven looking. I know some of that will block out, but unless it shrinks up considerably too I’m not going to keep this for bgr (baby girl Ryan).
I love the bodice. It’s a fun little dress. And I think that what I’ll do is take out some of the Manos del Uruguay cotton stria that I have from when Chris’s when out of business in St Louis, and make another one, paying closer attention to the skirt fabric. Also, I know that the cotton stria washes well. It’s the yarn I knit Joey’s chemo blanket from several years ago, and my sister attests to the washability of the fabric.


The Spring 2010 issue of Verena is at the bookstores. I just love Verena. This issue they’ve taken a page from one of Rowans latest books, and done a whole Hollywood Retro look set of designs.
The cover sweater is a cute little number that they’ve paired with a Prada-style lace skirt. Remember last year when the big question was, what to pair with the lace skirts – this is a lovely little answer.
Mardel, do you have this issue yet? I love seeing your takes on the new designs from all the knitting publications.

Comment replies;
Jen, the Bond sweater machine I have cost less than $100 on ebay. No matter how you cut it, you can’t upgrade any kind of sewing machine for less than $100.

Stash and others, Thank you for your concern. The shoulder is healing. I have x-rays that show there is no disk involvement. It was simply a very severe muscle spasm that I ignored until it got to the point I couldn’t stand it. Ice, rest, and now heat, as well as some light stretching is allowing it to heal. Soft tissue injuries always take the longest to heal.


cidell said...

I LOVE that muff! How cute is that?

Too bad about the machine knitting. I think if I become a real knitter it's going to be with machines.

Did I mention I love that muff? Is it crochet or knit?

a little sewing on the side said...

I have always been intriqued by knitting machines (especially as a child) so thanls for posting about it. Very interesting!

Anonymous said...

Joey is 9 now - and still carries his chemo blanket lots of places. (BTW - we still get to call him "post-treatment"). Without being too gross, I did have to wash it several times, and it still looks pretty much like it did the day we got it. Great yarn for a kid! (and a beautiful blanket) Love, D.

Household removals Australia said...

I'm so excited to see the final output. It's cute!