Friday, May 21, 2010

update and thanks

First, Yesterday we launched the Boat - FINALLY!! Woo hoo...

I've updated the boat blog here

While living in limbo, I've gotten some knitting done. And some little sewing.
I got pillows and bolsters and a custom fit bedspread made for the master cabin on the boat. Using my Pfaff 130 vintage machine, that we paid Big Bucks to have professionally restored.
I'm going to give the guy who did the restoration one more chance to respond to my queries before publicly reviewing how unhappy with his services I am. I chose the most prominent nationally known "expert" in Pfaff 130's to work on this machine. I'm not impressed! I've struggled to get this machine to perform as even the most basic machine should. Struggled!

On the happier side, I want to report about the most excellent customer service of a tiny little business who makes stitch markers (for knitting and crochet).
Don't hold your breath, but I will get back with their information and the story. I'm changing computers and just realized that the pics and business info is all on the other computer.
Thats it for today.

Happy and jealous of those who had such a great time at PR weekend in Philly. I had been scheduled to attend the Hands On knitting retreat in Chicago that same weekend. The retreat got cancelled on TUESDAY! before the event was scheduled to begin on Thursday. The organizers will be refunding the registration monies - but not for another 90 -120 days. It was an unhappy situation that prompted the cancellation, but the event truly was all organized and could have gone on and happened without the organizers presence. I hope that they learned something in this process. They say they'll be organizing future events. After this though, I wonder what teachers will be willing to participate and who'll be willing to shell out money to attend, Given that they didn't have any provision for what would happen in the event of a personal tragedy?

Cheers to all my stitching friends,