Monday, December 10, 2012

I just spent an hour writing a post, and lost it in the publish. I'm too discouraged to rewrite it now

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Fiberarts Afloat

Good day to anyone out there who may trip over this blog again.
This is an experiment to see if blogging from my iPhone is even possible.

We've been "homeless" 2 1/2 years now, and have been nomads living aboard our boat since May 2010. I can now say that I'm less of a natural nomad than my husband. It's been interesting Nd fun and sometimes very exciting, but I miss my studio, my sewing machines, my fabric, and my stuff.
It is a lifestyle though that we are committed to for a couple more years, so I'd like to blog about creating fiberarts while living aboard. Some of it is all about being flexible and being able to sew and do needlework in other locations, other people spaces, and under less than optimum conditions.
If you'd like to drop by occasionally and follow my exploits I'd be happy to know it.

Lately I've been visiting family back in the Midwest, and have managed to get some sewing done. In Grand Rapids Michigan I set up my 1976 vintage Bernina that I retrieved from my son on the kitchen table and recovered the seat and back cushions and created arm cushions for a rocker in the baby nursery, and stitched up some pillows for the living room chairs.
And I gifted my son and daughter-in-law with a bright fun quilt for my granddaughter due to be born at the end of October.

I found the fabric in a great little quilt store in New Smyrna Beach, FL back in June. We had sailed back from the Bahamas and were working our way north to South Carolina. We got weathered into NSB so I went exploring, and found this store within walking distance to the marina.
When I got to my moms house in South Carolina I cut and pieced the quilt top, then hand basted it to the backing. Then I got to practice my freemotion machine quilting. I have to say it was lots of fun, and I'm quite pleased with the job I did outline quilting the characters in the print panels. This was all done on my Bernina 165. After finishing quilting Istitched on a bias binding and hand stitched the binding over the edge to the backing.
Sigh, it sure felt good to sew something!
I'll be back later to chat about other current and past projects.