Saturday, May 04, 2013


I have two Christmas Stockings to make this year. In the past I've spent 5 years making one (Mark's), 8 years making one (Daniels), one year each making Ashlee's and Megan's, and 9 months of intense stitching to get Emma's done in 2011. Last Fall I picked up 2 new canvases, one for Caleb and one for Kiersten. Actually, Daniel and Ashlee went with me and picked out the canvas for Kit.
Needless to say I've spent a good deal of time stitching since then. I'm not certain I'm on track to have both finished by Christmas, and my hand hurts!

Notice the French knots I'm adding to Santa's beard. I love the curly texture and and since I'm using Whisper fiber, when I brush it out it'll be a bit fuzzy. Need to remember to buy a mascara/eyebrow brush from the drugstore. Perfect for brushing up fibers


SewRuthie said...

Wow! That's a LOT of work...... don't make your fingers sore please.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Beautiful! Glad you're still being creative while out to sea!

Marina said...

Really, Marji? There's still 7+ months.

Carrie K said...

Pretty! The french knots are perfect for Santa's beard, they add a nice realistic dimension.

Don't listen to Marina. ONLY 7 months! :)