Friday, June 21, 2013


its official, so I'm going public with this now.

We're going to build a land-based home. Last November we bought property in South Carolina, then went off cruising again.
We will keep the boat and after the building project is finished we will go off sailing again. Probably to ports as yet unexplored by us. Possibly the Caribbean, possibly up the East Coast, possibly down to Georgetown in the Bahamas, who knows, we'll see.

And building a home means I get a studio. My own space to play and create in. I'm SOOO excited.
The space that I'll be getting for my studio is space that normally might be storage, so I definitely will have some arranging challenges.
I've pulled the picture below from Houzz - you know, that time sink site that you can get lost in for hours. This is very similar to the space I'll have. Right now I'm considering lighting, storage, work station space, and aesthetics. Because it's HOT in SC for much of the year I'm very reluctant to put in lighting as featured in this photo. Adds too much heat. But I'm also not thrilled with banks of flourescent lighting. I've been spending hours in building stores, kitchen design stores, and on the internet researching options.
If you follow me on Pinterest you may have seen my winnowing process. As I consider options I'm posting alternatives, then as I get closer to decisions I delete the "pins" that don't make the cut.
(today I've been posting white refrigerators - I do not want a big hunk of stainless in my kitchen in the only place the refrigerator will fit, and I do not want to spend the $$$ for the built in kind that utilize your own cabinet doors)