Saturday, February 01, 2014

1/2 way to a sewing studio

We broke ground in September, and as of January 31 we are framed in and the rough mechanicals are almost finished.
My studio is Way Bigger than I'd imagined!! I wasn't accounting for the 5' hip wall the builder built up from the first level before sloping for the roof.
I'm going to have room at the end you see here for my sewing machines, my ironing board and my cutting table. I gained a 4' x 12' closet when the builder decided he needed a short support wall where the door comes into the room, about 12' from the back wall. So all of my fabric stash should fit on shelves in the closet and not be subject to light fading.
I'm going to have room at the other end of the room for my loom, a table where I might have small groups - maybe even do some lessons up there, and a sitting area. I've added J-boxes for future chandeliers at each end of the room, and am having fun pinning on Pinterest all sorts of furniture options.
I have CVT flooring samples on order. I'm so excited to have found hard tiles in COLORS! I didn't want wood flooring, we have wood pretty much everywhere else in the house, I didn't want vinyl roll goods, and I didn't want vinyl that is trying to look like something else.
I found these Armstrong CVT tiles on Lowe's website so now I'm playing with graph paper to come up with a pattern I want.

It's all exciting!
Meanwhile, some knitting, some needlepoint and a bit of hand applique are getting done on svFarNiente. It's been a brutal few weeks to be living on a boat in the water.
I desperately need clothes, and I need some quality time with my sewing machine.

Not that I don't know my own style, but for fun I'm following both the Wardrobe Challenge 2014 by Angela Wolf and Colette's Wardrobe Architect challenge
They allow me to play with patterns and fabrics on the net without actually having to figure out how to sew right now!  My current collection of clothing - I won't dignify it with the word wardrobe, is ALL going in the trash bin when we cease living on the boat. Boat living, and laundromat laundry, is very hard on clothes.
My own additional challenges are
1.) to sew with fabric I already own. Time to further reduce the stash, and I'm not into giving any more of it away. Just sayin'.
2.) to sew for the life I have, not the life I Used to Have, and not some fantasy life in my head. I need casual clothes, clothes that will live on a boat.

Did I mention that as soon as the house is done we'll be moving the things we have in storage into it, then getting settled, then going off cruising again? We are not fully moving off the boat yet. ... sigh

So who else is doing some wardrobe evaluation?


badmomgoodmom said...

That looks like it will be a lovely sewing studio when you are done.

I've been going through my closet and discovered what might be moth holes in a twinset. Or, it could have been a pin hole that ran. I hope it is the latter.

Me-made May was a great eye-opener for teaching me to sew for the life I have instead of a fantasy life. Since then, my real life wardrobe has expanded. I hope you have your new studio and wardrobe soon.

ElleC said...

No, you aren't the only one reevaluating their wardrobe. I am and I am getting no where.

Wow, your studio looks amazing, I am jealous. Can't wait to see the end result.

Vicki said...

Wow, what a space! Will be wonderful.

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

So when am I coming to help organize the fabric? The new sewing room is going to be AWESOME!!!

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Your sewing room will be awesome :)
Looking forward to seeing it done.

Melodye said...

Welcome home. Your room is going to be fabulous! Your "sewing for the lifestyle I have now" comment really hit home.

Marji said...

Are you participating in the Challenges, do you have Pinterest boards set up? Let me know and I'll follow you.

Nancy K said...

that's going to be a gorgeous sewing room. Didn't you sew in the basement in your last house? This is so much better.
I am doing a wardrobe with SWAP 2014. I am getting to the point where I think that I may not finish because I am taking so much time to fit a coat. But, planning is very helpful. I read through Colette's wardrobe architect and it's interesting, but I've already learned to sew for the life I have not a fantasy life. I do like playing with wardrobes. I admire anyone who can wear white everyday. It's perfect for a southern summer.

Mardel said...

Your sewing room looks huge! And it is going to be wonderful.

I haven't gotten into the actual sewing room part of my space yet, except in my head, where it is now all coming together. But I use the room you saw all the time. Luckily my window faces north, and I keep the blinds down during the day, unless I am working.

As to wardrobe, I've been completely uninterested in clothes or sewing them. But I have come to accept that this was primarily because I've spent too much time dressing-for, sewing-for, and dreaming-of the life I didn't have (or no longer had). I think I have just needed time to figure out what my life is now. As I am settling in to this life I am rediscovering that I always knew my style, and have been refining and editing what I already have and considering what I need. I can see that sewing again is on the horizon.

a little sewing said...

congratulations on getting a real sewing room, it looks amazing!!

and welcome back!