Monday, February 03, 2014

A bit of a print - wardrobe sewing

 I've been working on the Wardrobe Challenge 2014 and the Wardrobe Architect exercises simultaneously, so I'm getting them sort of confused merged in my head. It is helping though to affirm in my mind what I want to make, and to help me keep in mind that I'm sewing for the life I have, not that other one. (Thanks Melodye).

Some of the boards I've put together - these are idea boards, not pattern and fabric selection boards.
Reminder, I live in dresses a lot when it's warm, even on the boat, and the knit dresses that I made before we left St Louis have totally bitten the dust.

In keeping with working with fabric I already own, and as important, fabric that I know where it is...and these are two pieces I've purchased since we've been cruising...I put together a plan to sew first two items that represent "A Print or Two"
 Found online are dresses made with the Milly cotton Voile. My interpretation will be a bit swingy and easier to wear on a daily basis. I like the Anne Klein pattern and I like the idea of banding the part of waist seam that is there with black.

Haven't made up my mind between the Marfy shirt-tunic and the Victory Patterns pullover top.

Now to pull the fabrics out of the storage compartment they're in and set up my machine at my moms house.
I have great aspirations.


cidell said...

I'm so happy to see you blogging again! I love both the prints. And, your room looks marvelous.

fourkid said...

I ditto that comment!

SewRuthie said...

Lovely to see you blogging, planning sewing and that fantastic sewing room.

Sigrid said...

Great to see you again in blogland. That's some great ideas. Looking forward to seeing your work again.

Mardel said...

So happy you are blogging and I love your ideas for both of those prints.

a little sewing said...

what pretty clothes - I could wear them all!

phaderewaw said...

check out my blog :)

Diane said...

I was sitting out in the sun this morning thinking about making things for my granddaughter and Fiber Arts Afloat popped into my head. I hadn't checked your blog in quite a while so it was such a pleasant surprise to see you blogging again. Looking forward to your latest creations - the new sewing/creative space looks awesome.