Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Back again. I'm feeling the need to start keeping my blog journal again so that I can keep track of my work and my inspirations.

Lots has happened since my last post.
Last I posted we'd already taken possession of the house we built, but then we took off sailing again so weren't really landlubbers yet.
But over the winter we made the decision to sell the boat at the end of our sailing season. We had a wonderful season in the Keys, then moved the boat to Bradenton FL and sold it in June!
5 years sailing and living aboard a boat has definitely changed our outlook on Things, and accumulation. I think it's a change for the better.

It's taken awhile, yet we have adjusted to land life again. We again have 2 cars in the garage and a mortgage and all the other ties that bind one to a community. We love our new community in South Carolina. I will say though, I still have a place in my heart for northern Michigan.

Above you can see the working corner of my studio - the place where I spend much of my time. This year, 2015, has been my year to knit and quilt. I've gotten an amazing amount of gift knitting done - will save that for a future post.
I also have quilts in the works. Not one, not two, ...I have 4 epic project quilts in process.

On the design wall you can see some of the applique blocks from my Sue Garman "Friends of Baltimore" quilt. That project took a hiatus as I forgot the blocks I'd prepared to stitch when we left cruising last December. I've picked it up again - and go in fits and starts on working on my applique blocks. I'd like to have the applique on 8 blocks by the end of the year. This is feasible, as I'm this far along on 2 more -

Still, it's a long way from here to Simple Bird Applique's Finished Friends of Baltimore
Isn't her work amazing? And, hers is almost finished and ready to hang.
This is my most EPIC project.

Yet I have 3 others that I hope to finish much sooner. Oh, and 2 more ready on deck to go...

 Yeah yeah...

My Storm at Sea quilt top is almost done! Working title is Morning After the Storm at Sea.
I've incorporated a sunrise with a cross and mariners compass into the design. As soon as I finish appliqueing the compass onto the quilt I will ship this baby off to Karen Kendo who is quilting it on her long arm machine. I originally had ideas of grandeur, planning to quilt this on my domestic Juki - but more realistic heads than mine convinced me this quilt top is too large - it's HUGE, to quilt at home. And Karen's work is phenomenal. I will be entering this quilt in the Quilt Festival in March 2016, Palmetto Quilt Guild.
There is nothing, absolutely nothing so hopeful as seeing that dawning sunrise after a stormy night on the water. This is a quilt I had to make, and it's going on our bed in the master bedroom.


SewRuthie said...

Wow what a gorgeous quilt. I am not a quilter but one of my aunties is, and she made me an amazing stained glass window quilt which hangs on my living room wall. I love it so much.

Mardel said...

Beautiful quilt! It is nice to see you back.

lin3arossa said...

Hey! Welcome back!

Vicki said...

Welcome back. The quilts are lovely! And I can't believe it has been five years since you went off sailing!

Cindy Ann said...

Marji, I'm happy to see you blogging again. Wow, so much has changed for you in the last year. Your quilts are amazing.

Melodye said...

Welcome back!!

Lisa Laree said...

Five years???? It just doesn't seem possible...but welcome back!

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