Friday, March 24, 2017

Hello to anyone who might occasionally stop in here still. It's been a long time.

I'm going to document the process of making Vogue 1468, a color blocked dress by Nicola Finetti.
I'm participating in a FaceBook Group sewalong for this dress.
First the pattern.
I made a muslin of this dress in January, then went out of town to see family. So I'm finally just getting back to this project.
Pattern alterations:

The Muslin.
I still needed to make a forward shoulder alteration on my right shoulder - due to an old injury my shoulders are different. And, although I added length, then added a 1" seam allowance at teh waistline, I found the bodice was still too short. So I added another 3/4" to the length at the waistling.

The Fabric
I ordered the last 1.5 yards of this beautiful Matelesse from Marcy Tilton. If you love it and want some, they still have it at Promenade fabrics.
Then I ordered swatches from EmmaOneSock of solids to coordinate. When they came and the fabric came I pinned the swatches all over the floral, but couldn't make a decision. So...I ordered 3 colors of her lightweight Italian rayon Ponte knits. This is how the stash gets out of hand!

They came in record time. After looking at the 3 with the yardage I still was undecided, so I cut out the Right front bodice and skirt pieces in the floral to then put up next to the solids.

In the end, purple wins
It's on the cutting table now.
More to come...


SewRuthie said...

Oh wow that's going to be beautiful!

tpotty28 said...

Great fabric choice. Can't wait to see the finished dress it's going to be fabulous.

Vicki said...

Good choice. Lovely floral and great looking pattern.

Cindy said...

I'm really looking forward to seeing your completed dress. Gorgeous fabrics! So nice to see a post from you.

Melodye Ray said...

The purple always wins! Good to hear from you again!

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