Monday, January 08, 2018

Last sewing of 2017 and First of 2018

Sewing for the granddaughters
In my efforts to find bottom in the mess that is my studio I've started sewing down some of the piles.
It's become evident that I like to cut out projects! In the final days of 2017 I stitched up a sleeveless knit top, a pair of knit leggings and a pair of corduroy pants, all in size 5. In the first few days of 2018 I stitched up the pinwale corduroy top and ruffle hem pants, also in size 5. Which is too small now for the eldest granddaughters and too big for the little ones. So they will get set aside as "going to Kindergarten" outfits for the littles in a couple of years. Next up is cutting and stitching up the coral/pink corduroy into the same button front top and ruffle hem pants to fit the 7 yo. She needs school clothes now, and lives where it's cold. This was a fun make and really cute besides. 

Meanwhile I'm still waiting for delivery on the pdf printed patterns I sent out to print on Dec 27. I'm thinking that although my local copy shop is 20% more expensive, if I need it in any kind of timely manner I'm printing local!

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